Monday, April 02, 2007

Posts Around and Easter Thoughts

Poking around the blog world tonight I landed at a Christine Miller's blog. Usually insightful and motivating, tonight was no exception. She encourages me! I hope you find her encouraging to you too as you read about safeguarding your investment in your children. There is little else in this world more imporant.

The Homeschool Carnival at Kris' blog is up and running. There are a lot of homeschoolish posts to keep a mama busy for quite some time. I actually sent something this time. I hope someone finds something useful in it! LOL

Today we started our Resurrection Eggs and the reading of our book, Benjamin's Box: A Resurrection Story. The children look forward to this every year. We "cheat" a bit in that we only do them for one week (six days) with two a day, but it is a very nice way to prepare for Easter Sunday. While our church in not a liturgical church, per se, as in we don't do Advent or Holy Week with special services, etc., it is still acknowledged for what it is meant to be. I like that.

I grew up in the biggest mix of churches so I have pretty much seen it all in the manner of service/liturgy/practice. It is very fascinating to me! Sometimes I wish our services were in a giant gothic cathedral. When I visited some in England and France, there was something very majestic to them--bigger than us so to speak. Regardless of the form or type of church it was, whether they knew the Risen King or not, it reflected the glory of God in the building. It is almost as if they were sitting underneath the night sky--it reflects God's glory whether we recognize it or not. It spoke so strongly to me of the majesty of God. In me anyway, they just provoked a longing for the King. Those medieval church planners had it right in some ways! :+)

For your Easter thinking time, from our Trinity Hymnal:

How vast the benefits divine which we in Christ possess!
We are redeemed from guilt and shame and called to holiness.
But not for works which we have done, or shall hereafter do,
Hath God decreed on sinful men salvation to bestow.

The glory, Lord, from first to last, is due to Thee alone;
Aught to ourselves we dare not take, or rob Thee of Thy crown.
Our glorious Surety undertook to satisfy for man,
And grace was given us in Him before the world began.

This is Thy will, that in Thy love we ever should abide;
That earth and hell should not prevail to turn Thy Word aside.
Not one of all the chosen race but shall to Heav’n attain,
Partake on earth the purposed grace and then with Jesus reign.



Anonymous said...

I'll have to look that one up. Trinity Hymnal is THE hymnal. :)

Jeni, a passionate lover of good hymns

Sandi said...

We do the same thing. The eggs and Benjamins Box. This year due to moving again! A new job for hubby we are a bit out of whack. We are reading the book and going through the symbols at one time. We normally do one a day and build up to the last day.

I so enjoy it myself!