Sunday, April 29, 2007

Movie Mind Mints

We have, as you know, been studying World War II. Talk about a fascinating war with consequences still being felt today! We are wrapping it up, but I rented Bonhoeffer: Pastor, Pacifist, Nazi Resister on DVD, and was truly moved. This was a fascinating look at the war from someone who truly opposed it yet was a part of the resistance. I think it is an important look into the war and one that should not be missed no matter what your thoughts are on war. He was a Christian man who affected the world around him.


I have been on a good movie binge--which is not always easy to do! I enjoyed The Queen very much. It is hard to know what is true and what is not about this movie, but I appreciated it anyway. We also watched the moving The Pursuit of Happyness. If you have not seen this, I highly recommend it. He is an imperfect man, but he had powerful love for his son under some seriously difficult circumstances. Will Smith did a wonderful job in the based-on-a-true-story role. Since we are from the Bay Area it was neat to see San Francisco from the director's perspective.


What are you watching?


msack said...

I'll have to look into thouse movies you mentioned. We saw The Pursiut of Happiness in the thearte and loved it!

We are going to watch The Five People you meet in Heaven. My husband read the book but I haven't.

Copperswife said...

Thanks for the recommendations for The Queen and Pursuit of Happyness. I've always enjoyed Will Smith's movies! We'll have to try to rent both of those soon.

We picked up a boxed set of six Dickens BBC productions at Costco. The price was about $30, for six productions, each about six hours long. We figured that for a buck an hour we couldn't go too wrong. So far we've watched all of Our Mutual Friend, and the first episode of Martin Chuzzlewit. If the rest are as good as the first, this will have been a wonderful purchase!

JenIG said...

i have not seen The Queen; i was wondering if it was worthwhile. and we also watched Happyness. i liked it,

Peruvian Lily said...

I did see The Pursuit of Happyness and thought it very good (though I would have preferred less foul words). :) I had been interested in seeing The Queen; you say you enjoyed it?


"Peruvian Lily"

Anonymous said...

Glad you mentioned this. I thought I was getting that movie but turned out it was a good documentary instead. Now I want to watch the movie! Interesting to think about the moral question of a Christian involved in a conspiracy to asassinate Hitler... We just watched the ones you listed and enjoyed them. Also, "The Count of Monte Cristo" is one worth watching.

We have a new blog with lots of the funny things our kids say called "A Quiver Full of Quotes." You might get a chuckle out of it. http://amylake.reformedblogs.com


Amy (your fellow OPC blogger)