Sunday, April 22, 2007

Little Ones

What does a busy homeschooling mama do with those little ones when she needs a few minutes with her older ones? I compiled this list long ago and thought I would share it.

Dot Paints - look at Michael's or Joann's with a coupon for good prices

Blocks of any kind (regular wooden, Kapla, Lego, Duplo)

Plastic animals in a box (Target now sells some really realistic ones that are heavy duty and great fun to set up into a zoo with the blocks above.)

Wooden/Plastic Train Set - You set it up (or have the older children help) and then they can happily play.

Laurie Crepe Rubber Puzzles  or Fit-A-Space  - These are fantastic for smallish persons! They have all sorts of puzzles, both things and letter shapes.

Wooden Puzzles by Melissa & Doug - wonderful colorful puzzles of animals, castles, trains, etc.

Lincoln Logs

Special books only brought out for quiet times. Flannel books or magnetic books are great for these moments. Often school supply places have these.

Coloring, of course! We use washable pens, crayons, colored pencils, stamps, and ink pads, to color regular paper as well as coloring books. Some of the new Crayola special paper have been big hits here. They are also wonderful for church - keeps the littles quiet so mom and dad can listen!

Craft Creation Container - glitter (if you are a daring mom), glitter glue, child scissors, tape, regular glue or stick glue, beans, pasta, letter-shaped pasta, foam shapes, stickers, confetti, feathers, poms, and let your little go for it!

Read a story about a fort or a sailing ship and help make a fort to play in with chairs and blankets. Don't forget the play swords!

Shape Sorter from Lauri

String Beads - all different shapes, wooden or not.

Lacing Shapes come in all different kinds of sets. This is one of them.

Buy some play-acting tapes, like the Wee Sing ones, and learn them. Then when you need some time, they can do them with their smaller siblings and lead them!

Make bread dough without egg and allow them to shape their own for baking.

Sandbox filled with either sand, pea gravel, for outside. For inside use rice or beans.

Kitchen toys with a small wooden kitchen.

Give your little a "plot of land" they can cultivate with a few small plants. They can be in charge of watering, weeding, etc. Seeds are fun to watch grow - sunflowers reward the best because they are so huge. Cherry tomatoes, beans, or snap peas are rewarding too - they can pick a snack right off the plant!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing your list of ideas.


Mrs. C


ReviewsbyHeidi said...

These are some great ideas. Ian should be ready for some of these by the time we start our next school year. I appreciate your sharing them.


anewday said...

Thanks Kate.

Copying and pasting....

ChristineRead said...

Hi Kate - These are some really good ideas. My little ones always want to do "school" when the older ones are doing their seatwork. So sometimes paper and something to scribble with is what they prefer! Thanks for your comments last week. Yes, you sent the chocolates to Rachel (and I am glad to say she shared them with us - they were delicious!) and Amanda told me of your maiden name being Read. It is so unusual to find others with the last name of Read - spelled that way. According to family, my husband's (Bryan goes by his middle name but his first name is Joseph) ancestors have been in the States since the Revolutionary War, but originally came from England. Possibly they are related to George Read and Deborah Read (Benjamin Franklin's wife). We will have to study up on this. Amanda is quite interested and so is my mother-in-law. I will have to look and see when Bryan's great (or great - great) grandfather settled in this area in North Alabama. Anyway - I enjoy geneology and history and the two mixed together! Take care!


JenIG said...

this is a great list; my little kids have always loved wooden puzzles. they are so satisfying to complete!

Peruvian Lily said...

Lincoln logs! I loved Lincoln logs! :D

Ann at mommysecrets said...

What a fun & clever resource list. Thank you for taking the time to brainstorm, type it up & share it with us!