Sunday, April 15, 2007


We have been reading all about World War II in our history time here. It is a period of time that has long fascinated me, particularly because I have living family who lived through it. My grandfather did not see action in Europe or the Pacific, but he was in the service and my grandmother worked in Washington DC during the war. They were married on a weekend pass and he went back to the war. I have often wondered what it would have been like to live then; to have the entire country behind you as your faced the demons in your heart and in the flesh.


I just finished a very moving story, I Have Lived A Thousand Years: Growing Up in the Holocaust. She told a powerful and moving story of her life--at 13--taken by the authorities and moved to a ghetto and from there to various camps. How she lived and survived--truly the hand of God was upon her. The older girls are reading this book and I can tell that it is disturbing. We *should* be disturbed by the Holocaust--in every possible way. It should forever shake our souls and should forever be a reminder that man is capable of horrifying sin. It is evidence of the depravity of man. Thank God for His mercy!

In My Hands is not a book for children, but is a book for those who would protect them and for those who need to see the kind of sacrifices that were made to save people who should never have been in fear of their own lives. The Nazi Officer's Wife is what a persecuted young Jewish girl had to do to save her own life. It is shocking in places, but I find myself wondering - just what would I do to stay alive? It is deeply disturbing to think that these normal every day families had to suffer such great loss and agony--because of their religious persuasion. I find it terribly hard to process it all. It was only 60 years ago. How could it have come to pass?  

We are in the midst of reading some very good stories--worthwhile for the children and many of them heroic and inspirational. There were such great things that happened too amidst the great depravity of the war. True Stories of the Blitz has been incredibly interesting and engaging. What a fearful thing to live through your home being bombed repeatedly for years! Each chapter is a separate story based upon a real person and their experiences. It is worth the time to read them out loud.

We have also read
The Winged Watchman and A Father's Promise as well as Run for your life! and are currently reading a story based upon true accounts of some amazing children, Escape from Warsaw. This last one we are really fascinated with. I am always drawn to real life stories and this was is truly amazing. The other books, more biographies and source books, are listed in the sidebar. This has been a rich study for us and we feel so blessed to sit in the easy comfort of our home and read about this tragic time. I pray the world never sees such terribly suffering, never embraces the need to go to total world war again. May God bring home our brave men and women from the Middle East in His perfect timing, and be with them in their dangers. Studying the past reminds me of the need to be in faithful prayer for those who serve to protect and preserve what we have in our land--while they are in very real danger today.


Anonymous said...

I have always loved the book,

Exodus by Leon Uris.

I had my daughter (17) read it for history this year.

She is reading thru a 2nd time she likes it so well.

(The book is about the formation of Israel in the after math of WWII and the holocost.)

We are nearing the end of our final history cycle.


Donna/Miz Booshay

Honeybee said...

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hugabunchmom said...

So much reading, how on earth do you accomplish it all? I love your book listings and I wonder if I could really gather up my kiddoes and get through so many books. I suppose we have become lazy and need to get away from things like this lovely computer a little more often. :-) Overall, you amaze me, I just don't know how you do it!! You are my inspiration, I've got to go curl up with a good book. Once I no longer have this baby IN my lap, I'll be able to even do so with one of my little guys on my lap again. :-) Thanks for so much WWII info, it's great.

Abiga51 said...

Thank you for listing the books with a little about them. I love to read, and read to my grandchildren. Currently I seem to have a big appetite for history based fiction. Blessings.

Deborah said...

Hi Kate! We have been doing a mini-study of WWII in our home, mostly because we wanted to interview 2 of my grandfathers who served in the war while we still had the chance. My eldest son is working on a 5 minute tribute that he will enter in our local county fair, and will include some video footage of my grandfathers answering his questions.

I wanted to let you know a few of the movies we watched about this era, in case you'd like to view them. The Scarlet and The Black was an absolutely FABULOUS movie based on a true story of a Catholic priest in Rome during the war. The Inn of the Sixth Happiness is based on the life of missionary Gladys Aylward (in China while attacked by Japan). They add a little (sweet) romance that hasn't anything to do with reality, but the movie is still a worthwhile watch. On a seminar tape, I once heard a speaker say that Ingrid Bergman ended up accepting Christ after working on this film - I don't know how to substantiate this, tho, but the thought is a neat one! Another flick we enjoyed was Miracle of the White Stallions, also loosely based on the true story of the Lipizzaner Stallions in Vienna.

I found most of these recommendations on this homeschool site:

http://www.lovetolearnplace.com/Movies/index.html .

Of course, watch at your own discretion, but thought I'd recommend a few winners :)