Monday, March 05, 2007

There are too many things happening!

It is wonderful to have such an abundance of excitement in one's life that to try to fit it into one blog post would exceed the word limit (were there really such a thing). :+) I am happy tonight for several reasons:


1) The HSB Literary Club is starting Ishmael this week and I am going to read it out loud to my oldest girls. We will enjoy that time so much! Tea, quiet, great book, special time--it does not get much better than that. :+) Now to plan the day so that it really happens!


2) I have been working on my family geneology because I *thought* I had a famous Declaration of Independence signer in my family history. Sadly, it was not to be. As far as I can tell, it 'taint the truth. I think I was given a "Read" family urban legend.


But you would think I would be blue about that, wouldn't you? Well, we have another very colorful character in our family lineage, the Revolutionary War General, "Mad" Anthony Wayne! I *did* indeed find the direct line from little ole me to great giant old him. There is so much amazing trivia on the net about him and I am just eating it up. His grandfather, born in 1666, joined the forces of William of Orange and commanded a troop of dragoons in his service at the battle of the Boyne. I cannot tell you how exiciting it is to find your own family in the anals of history that we have actually studied.

I had been told that I was a descendent, but I had not proven it until today. It is pretty thrilling to be able to trace at least a portion of my family history back to 1666. Just think of all the things that were happening then. As you all know who have read my blog for very long, history is a big deal to me--I love it! It is just too exciting. What also happened today is that I finally figured out for sure what countries I came from on my father's side. (France, England, and Scottland.) English was the only certainty for me, but now I know from our records for sure. There may be more, but those are the ones I can prove. On my mother's side I am German and Irish.

Having always identified myself as a Euro-mut, there is something very satisfying to know these things for sure. I think it is because I love history so much. I love to understand where we fit in it. My husband also has a colorful history, but in a different way. I look forward to uncovering more of his family tree--there is so much to learn!

Have you uncovered anything strange or exciting in your family tree?


Anonymous said...

not strange or interesting, but rather more infamous....It was one of my relatives that brought the James family (aka Jesse James' parents) west.

It's not much, but it's the best that I've got!

My husband, though, can trace his lineage back to William Brewster of the Mayflower, which I think is totally cool, and that is how my youngest son came to have his first and middle names.

Copperswife said...

at elast I hope....That last comment was mine. I was signed in (I checked), but somehow HSB anonymized me anyway. I feel so abused.

Monika said...

I have two ancestors who fought in the Revolutionary War. Interestingly, the fought Indians. I had not known that we were fighting Indians during the Revolutionary War, but apparently, that was part of it.

In answer to your q., no, I don't evaluate Watkins. The job I was referring to is my nurse scheduling job, which I've had for several years.


spunkyhomeschool said...

I wish I could join your literary group. I'm in the middle of reading a few other things right now, so the timing isn't quite right for us at the moment.

Your family history adventure was fun to read. All my relatives were poor European immigrants in the early 1900's. It's fun to read about those who were connected even earlier than that.

Sandi said...

I have been told we are related to Oliver Cromwell...not sure I would announce it.....but I haven't actually searched out and proven it.

I've also been rold my grandfather's family was Amish once upon a time...but again have never proven it.

Makes me want to find out.

barbieheart said...

I live in the town named after "Mad" Anthony Wayne, so know a little of his history. Your post was fun to read.

I'm not sure of any famous or infamous in my family, but dear husband is related to W.K. K*llogg of cereal fame.

How fun to do your family history!

Anonymous said...

How exciting to find an actual famous relative!

We are a bunch of Greek and Danish peasants from what I gather.

My sister went to Greece last summer and people literally came out into the streets to see her.

(Our grandpa was a patriarch of sorts bringing many Greeks to Chicago)

When he died....they went back to Naxos.

And there she was recognized. It was wild. They were hoping she brought money!

Perhaps we are related to Alexander the Great!


Bread baking peasants, more likely.



Dy said...

The book club looks like such a delight. I really need to join one. Zorak gets so tired of me following him around, reading excerpts of books to the back of his head.

As for famous relatives, we're a motley crew, and I don't know of any direct ancestors of my own with a claim to fame. There is an Edington plaid in Scotland. Turns out Zorak is descended from a "border clan". Ah, rogues that they are... (Not him, of course. *ahem* No, no.) The rest of our fame (or infamy) comes from less distant relatives in the Lincoln County area, in New Mexico. American history and the settling of the Southwest should be a lot of fun!


SincerelyAmanda said...

"Read" family urban legend?

I'd like to hear it. I know lots of those. ;D

We do have a relative that signed the Declaration of Independence - great uncle George Read. Then Deborah Read Franklin (Ben Franklin's wife) is some how an aunt or cousin of ours (George and Deborah had the same great-grandfather, I believe).

According to my mom's aunt we are some how related to Ernest Hemingway through her side of the family. Mom isn't so sure *that's* anything to be proud of, so I don't announce it...haha.


anewday said...

I actually do see a slight resemblance! :o