Thursday, March 15, 2007

S Is for Shamrock

If you like alphabet books that are interesting to read, and are all things Ireland, then you will like this book. S Is for Shamrock: An Ireland Alphabet came in for review and I am keeping it! (Sorry Irish reviewers!) :+)


It is such a neat look at Ireland with all sorts of wonderful drawings and facts about life there. Here is a sample page. This particular page brought tears to my eyes--though I don't really know why I allowed such a nonsensical thing to happen--because it was not the sweet couple that did it, but the Blarney Stone! Some of you who really know me well will know that I not only kissed the Blarney Stone, but walked away with the gift the blarney (wink wink). If you click on that link you will see the huge castle that holds the stone. It is way up at the top and you have to bend backwards to kiss it. Yes, I have kissed something that has been kissed by people for hundreds of years. That is, in all honesty, pretty gross, but kind of interesting all at the same time. :+) The link has some gorgeous pictures of Blarney Castle as well as some other Irish locations in the Gallery.  Be sure to look at the Cliffs of Moher--they are an absolutely stunning gift to us from God. You just don't see beauty like that every day. If you *ever* get a chance to go to Ireland - GO!

See you on Saint Patrick's Day!


ReviewsbyHeidi said...

And it looks kinda like a Sleeping Bear Press publication~ is it? I am LOVING their books (at least the ones that I've gotten to review~ you know, the ones you haven't kept for yourself! (wink!) Just kidding!!!

Thanks for sharing~ it looks like a neat book~ and I love the ones that you can relate to.


UndertheSky said...

Yes, this is another Sleeping Bear Press book. I just love their books too! :+)


BlessingsFromAbove said...

I was going to go find my book "R is for Rhyme..A Poetry Alphabet" because the picture you posted reminded me of it. (Kendra from Preschoolers and Peace reviewed it for the magazine.) Then, I read the comments and saw I was right--it is from the same publisher! My kids LOVE the Rhyme book. I think I just might have to get this one as well!