Thursday, March 01, 2007

And the winner is.....

John!! Mr. Pinewood Derby of Troop 107!! He came in 1st place! See that beautiful happy smile? That boy and his trophy and his Daddy/John-made car. It was precious to see.



He even won a certificate for the Least Amount of Wood Used! LOL There is, if you look closely, a giant hole in the middle of the car and lots of weights on the back. It was very exciting to see the final race and it was a close one.

Congratulations to my boy (and his Daddy!) :+)


deedeeuk said...

To John!! This brought back memories! My brothers all raced pinewood derby cars and I remember many of them being made in our home! What fun! And John, I love the design with the whole too! Very creative!

Marie said...

Great job - I know, it's as exciting for the parents as it is for the kids -

my pinewood derby days are over :(

Peruvian Lily said...

Congratulations! That's cute.

Copperswife said...

Congratulations, John! Well done!

anewday said...

That's so neat! :D Congrats John (and Mark too!)!

We'll anticipate getting to see the trophy on Sunday! ;)

ReviewsbyHeidi said...

That little face is priceless! You really captured a great moment on your camera! Love it!



hugabunchmom said...

Many congratulations to him!! We still hold precious cars from my daughters in similar competitions with AWANA programs. Those great little weights just crack me up when they attach them here, there, and everywhere. Great success for a job well done!!

Dy said...

Oh, that smile!!! I love the creative design, there, too. What a fun experience this derby must have been. Yay!! Congratulations!


UndertheSky said...

Thank you all so much for your kind words. He is still reveling in his win. It is too sweet to see the proud men in the family this week! LOL



Deborah said...

Wow, Kate! I am such a goober, I didn't even realize your son won the race! We cut out early that night as I was so sleepy, and I just sort of forgot about finding out who won!

Someone asked me how my boys placed, I was like, 'Oh, I dunno. Guess I should pay attention to that!'

The hardest part of learning to be a "boy" mom for me is stirring up that competitive spirit! I am learning. I am even learning to enjoy -- at least sort of -- sports as well :)

Anyway, tell your little guy CONGRATULATIONS!! I WAS very impressed by the look of his car -- what a unique idea! And, obviously, a GREAT idea for speed as well!!! Yippee!!



Jeni said...

My Tiger won 1st and my Wolf won 2nd. No trophies, but lots of smiles. We work hard to teach our kids how to handle adversity and trials, but isn't it nice when they WIN?