Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Showing their quality...

Books that is... I have found some of the best quality books for our children! I love our library and I love Amazon. I just love good books! What do you mean you don't think wall to wall bookshelves are high fashion?! :+)


Ever since I saw this book, Mercedes and the Chocolate Pilot, in a homeschool catalog I have been interested in checking it out. It is the true story of a gracious and compassionate pilot who dropped candy for children in bombed out West Berlin following World War II.


From the School Library Journal:
This outstanding picture book depicts one of the lesser-known aspects of the Berlin Airlift following World War II as seen through the eyes of a seven-year-old girl. Operation Little Vittles was run by Lt. Gail Halvorsen who, out of the goodness of his heart, began dropping candy in parachutes made from handkerchiefs to the children of West Berlin. This heartwarming story provides not only the historical context, but an epilogue as well.

I can tell you that I could barely finish the epilogue out loud because I had tears streaming down my face. Here is sit with all my healthy children, certainly not lacking for sweets, and thinking of what it would have been like for them. Any story that involves little ones almost always does that to me, but this story was especially sweet as it is true and the little girl, Mercedes, later meets the pilot as an adult. The pilot was truly a hero. It is hartwarming and precious and went right to my heart! It comes to us from the folks at Sleeping Bear Press who also have other books I just love like The Scarlet Stocking Spy.


The Scarlet Stocking Spyis a powerful book of sibling devotion and the cost of the Revolutionary War. I reviewed this book for the winter issue of the magazine and it is up as a prize for those of you who count the apples found throughout the publication. It is a gorgously illustrated book with a precious and potent story. I really appreciate good quality children's picture books and have found some more at our local library. Some of them will become ones we purchase due to their high quality.


I don't know about you, but I really love Jan Brett's illustrations. Whenever I see a book she has done I snap it up and take it home (if I can, of course!) I found this one, Beauty and the Beast. Wow, talk about gorgeous illustrations! The story is also pure and does not have any of the Disney "enhancements." She is a lovely and devoted daughter and her father was not a nincompoop.


The Gingerbread Manis well-illustrated with detailed interesting characters and is completely fun to read to the children. Run! Run! As fast as he can, he doesn't get away with his naughty taunting behavior! This is an excellent object lesson for little ones.


We also found a delightfully sweet book in The Snow Globe Family. This is just a darling story of two families--one inside a snow globe and one living in the house that owns the snow globe. It is just a cute little story my little children just loved. Ahh, I love good quality books. Don't you?



Darrensgirl said...

I might have to buy a couple of children's books with my extra Christmas money:) I'll share my top three story books of all time. Nine For California introduces us to an adventurous and resourceful mommy of five children, who sets out on a 21 day stage coach ride to California to join her husband. It's a wonderful book and together with it's sequel, Boom Town, is sure to be read over and over again. I'm not sure of the author right this moment. My very favorite is entitled, Fanny's Dream. It's a play on Cinderella where in we learn that a real life comprised of hard work, love and tears is far better than a dreamy fairy tale. Just delightful and the illustrations are magical!

So, there you have it! Aren't we blessed to live in a place and time where there is so much wonderful reading material out there? Believe me, not everyone in the world has such treasures!

Have a great day!


ReviewsbyHeidi said...

I LOVE books! My dream home would have a library~ with wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling book shelves all around it! I think books are just the greatest!

And those books from Sleeping Bear Press~ what I've seen so far~ are great! I totally agree!

What a great post!


Copperswife said...

I love good books. I love children's books the most. I will have to find a copy of Mercedes and the Chocolate Pilot. This sounds like such a wonderful story and one that my boys would really love. The thirteen year old is especially taken with anything having to do with WWII right now.

Who says that wall to wall bookshelves are not the height of fashion? Hmmmm? Not, I! Books are the height of decorating sense, IMHO!

mom2two said...

For the book reviews! I love great children's books and was able to find three of these at our library's online catalog. I can't wait to get them!

Yvonne :o)

hugabunchmom said...

I just love your reviews for so many books. It is so wonderful to get to flip through your entries and read about more books. I agree with you, book shelves all over the place, now that is a well designed house!! Happy birthday to your two this month, I just loved the pictures.