Monday, February 26, 2007

News and Nods

Sometimes there is just no other way of sharing what is happening without making a hodge podge entry. So here it is!

Jay Ryan, of Classical Astronomy fame, is sharing some exciting cosmic news. Bookmark that man's blog and keep a sharp eye out for the total eclipse (nope, not "of the heart" you 80's readers) but of the MOON. :+) There is for real stuff happening up there that you will not want to miss with your smallish homeschoolers. He also has a biblical astronomy book coming out in the spring! I really look forward to seeing it. Turn around bright eyes...er, I mean, remember--a total eclipse! :+)

For those of you who have been holding out on ordering a subscription to The Old Schoolhouse Magazine until you could find a great deal, now is the time to do it!  They are offering one-year subscriptions for only $19.95 and giving away the 19 free homeschooling gifts! A free Winter 2007 issue (or another issue of your choice if you are renewing) is also included in this special sale.


There is also a writing contest that the publishers are having--for chocolate! I cannot enter due to my affiliation, but oh, it is so tempting. :+) Here are all the details.  If you submit a terrific one you may just be chosen as the winner (and then promptly asked to join the review team!) I am the judge so I hope to see some great writing!


See, I told you it would be hodge podge! I hope something here was worth your stop. Thanks for coming by! :+)


JenIG said...

thanks for totally getting that song stuck in my head. I didn't mind when it was two princes.... but this song?? YUCK, it makes me puke.

Do you remember the song More than Words by Extreme? I've had that going thru my head for the last two days..

Marie said...

Do you think they want negative reviews? I hate Christian Liberty Nature Readers! And yet I don't know if I should be trashin'. . .should I find something I can be at least mildly supportive of?


Deborah said...

Hi Kate!

<br>I am so excited to read about the product review opportunity -- I love any chance I get to share my FAVORITE homeschooling resource (you'll have to wait and see)!

<br>Would you mind emailing me your email address to onebeggarsbread at gmail dot com? I wanted to send you the link to that Calvinist Dispensationalist. Also, do you have a website for your church? I'd love to look at it if there is one...any way you email me that as well?

<br>Thanks so much!!