Friday, February 23, 2007

Modesty - What is your take?

Well the young men at The Rebelution had a lot to say about it! They did a Modesty Survey with many many people (young men and women answering) and there is a lot to check out and some great food for thought.


The link I gave you above is only a portion of the survey, but it is the portion where the men are responding to specific questions. The one I thought was most helpful for mothers of young ladies or for young ladies themselves is this one, "If you could say one thing to your sisters in Christ about modesty, what would it be?" That is why I linked to it. I hope some of you find this information helpful.


We are waging a war out there for the minds and hearts of our children--in the church and out of it. May God give us parents the wisdom to do what is right.


andijeane said...

I thought this survey was very insightful. I am sharing some of the results with the girls in our youth group on Monday.


Monika said...

I loved reading this survey. As my girls get older, I plan to have them read through it. Some of the results were very surprising to me. The whole thing was a great idea.


hugabunchmom said...

So much wonderful information, thank you for the links. I agree, we all need to do so much more in this battle for our children, and our society. I also enjoy your book entries, it helps to hear about good books.

Deborah said...

I love the "kids" from the Rebelution!

Did you go last year when they came to town? Ron and I come from youth ministry backgrounds (met in Young Life, served the first 6-7 years of our marriage in youth ministry!) so we were mightily impressed by The Rebelution.

I haven't read through the results of the modesty survey yet, I'm looking forward to it.