Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Love is a many splendid thing...

And I bet you thought I was going to wax eloquently about my dear husband of 14 years. No, the day that would be Valentine's Day is now exclusively devoted to Abigail's birth!


It has been ten years since I went shopping in a Christian bookstore looking for a CD for my husband (two weeks overdue with our second little bumpkin!) She was to present herself just a few hours later. Arriving in a rather hurried style, she seems to have kept that persona! She is full of life, excited to be here, and just a lovely young lady. We are so very blessed by her happiness, her inquisitive nature, and her love for us all. She is a true gift from God and we are forever grateful. Abigail means "joy to the father" or "the father is joyful" and she is has brought this to our lives and more. Happy 10th birthday our little Valentine!


Darrensgirl said...

You guys have a couple of close birthdays like us. We have three in December each just a week (or less) apart:) Have a great day celebrating!

anewday said...

Happy Birthday Abigail! :)

Marie said...

Such a Pretty Girl! (but you already knew that!)


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Abigail!


JenIG said...

Happy Birthday Lovely Abi!


from all the igs

Cornflower said...

thank you mommy, sooooooooooooo much! I did not know that that was the night of my birth.

Nor did I know that tale of old where mommy bold,

ventures out to the wade world! while on the brink of birth, she chalenges her might, to find a Valentine gift for papasooper! little did she know that she already had one, a living one!

LOL LOL LOL! heeheehee! hahahahaha!

thank you for making my life a very, very, splendiferusly wonderful life!

I love you!

your loving daughter,


Momof5littlewomen said...

I have an Abigail that we had hoped to have on Valentine's day with her twin sister but they will be celebrating on Friday instead. It is such sweet memories of when our blessings were given to us!


Dy said...

Oh, happiest of birthdays.

Kate, she is not only lovely, but sweet and articulate.


Copperswife said...

Ah, yes! I remember it well!! I remember that sweet, new-born Abigail lying peacefully in your arms in the living room of your then home. I remember like it was yesterday!!

Happy birthday, dearest Abigail!

Peruvian Lily said...

You do have lovely children. I love each one of them and miss them dreadfully! :D