Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Literary News and Views

If you have not heard already, let me be the first to tell you! Jen Ig and I are heading up the HSB Literary Club! This means we are going to read some very meaningful books and chat about them with (hopefully) you! You don't have to be an HSB blogger as all are welcome. Our first book will be the Lamplighter, Ishmael. I hope you consider joining us!


We finished our recent read-aloud, A Father's Promise. This was such a very beautiful book of faith in an incredibly difficult time. The book is set in Poland as Hitler takes over Warsaw. It is the story of a Christian Jewish family that is struggling to stay alive. It is the story of faith and belief in God's faithfulness to us. We really enjoyed this book.

In my personal reading time I have been plowing through Grimm's Fairy Tales. I realized that I had not finished it upon discovering it underneath a pile of papers in the kitchen. I am now almost ready to be done with it except that my inner book lover forbids me from putting down a book until I have finished it. I am loyal to a fault with my reads! It is seriously one of the strangest and most fascinating books I have ever read because so many of the stories are just so odd! It is like a train wreck in a way, that you just have to keep watching. It is not a bad book, just such a strange one. Many of these fairy tales are not made for children and many of them are quite similiar to the next one. I am glad I am reading it, but I am sure why. :+) Have you ever read anything like that? 


I have still to finish Plato, but I think I will be ready for him once I have finished the wild world of fairy tales. :+) Then I will be starting Ishmael! What are you reading? 


Anonymous said...

Oh, yes, those fairy tales can be quite gruesome. I had the originals in my childhoos and I remember the graphic slicing of feet in the Cinderella story. The image of chewed-up feet being forced into glass slippers! AAAK!


<br>Monika (www.thingswesaid.blogspot.com)

Jocelyndixon said...

I think I've commented here before.. I dunno!

I'm friends with your lovely dauthers! and thought I would add you too!!

Have fun reading! I am reading Sense and Sensibilty by Austen!



btw, is Cal. too far for you to bring Mariel to the Barn Dance in TN in Oct??

CTdittmar said...

I didn't know it was YOU who was the other fascilitator of the book club!! THat's great! I've joined up and ordered my Ishmael. I went the cheap route and found it on ebay. The lamplighter edition does look lovely though. I recently posted a book post too. I've never read through Grimm's fairy tales. Maybe I've just always thought they were the same as Hans Christian Anderson's in my mind. So, I am now intrigued after your post. Really looking forward to getting to know you more in our book discussions etc. Blessings, Christa

UndertheSky said...


Thanks for stopping by! Yes, I know who you are and my daughters really enjoy your blog and comments on their own. I don't think it is likely we will make it out in October, but we can always hope! :+)


Yes, we are going to have such fun! I do look forward to receiving my own book and starting to read it. I just *love* to read (as I think you know by now) and I will look forward to some great discussion!



Deborah said...

Thanks for the tip on A FATHER'S PROMISE. We are studying WWII right now, in preparation of interviewing my grandfathers on videotape (both of whom served in the war).

This looks like a nice little book that may provide what I wanted from The Hiding Place -- I just don't know if my kiddos are old enough for The Hiding Place yet (and the kids' version I picked up just doesn't have the literary beauty to it -- I can't make myself read it out loud!!)