Thursday, February 01, 2007

A proud mama here!

My eldest daughter submitted some of her writing to the following publication and it was accepted! She is thrilled and I am so proud of her! God has gifted her in this area (and it had nothing to do with me!) If you have daughters between the ages of 10-18, they can submit something for possible publication too! here are all the details:

The Girlhood Home Companion is looking for girls who would like to minister to other girls through the written word. Does your daughter have a hobby, craft or activity that she would like to share with our audience? We are taking submissions from girls who would like to write fiction or non-fiction for girls. If you have a daughter (age 10-18 ) who just loves to write, send samples of her writing to Submissions for the GHC.

Mrs. Jill Novak
for The Girlhood Home Companion
Remembrance Press


mathuseeblog said...

Congrats! that must make you a proud mom :-)


<br>I just found your blog and have been perusing, I liked you post from a while back on saxon ;-)

UndertheSky said...

Thanks for your comment. Who knew that a Demme would be reading my little ole blog! I think you must be referring to this post:


We sure love your math!



Dana said...

Wow! How proud! I would be so jazzed to have my child published. What an accomplishment.

Corin said...

Congratulations to "Mariel". How thrilling that must be!

ReviewsbyHeidi said...

Congratulations to your oldest! Wow~ what an accomplishment! And, don't be so modest~ I would say she probably DID get it from you!


Copperswife said...

Way to go!!!

CTdittmar said...

How neat. This magazine cover reminds me of the way Victoria magazine used to look back in the 90's. I loved that magazine. This looks like a really neat publication. I'm enjoying discovering your site through my friend darrensgirl's blog. May I friend you? Christa...aka CTmom2five