Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Writing ~ Park Day ~ Mercy!

I am constantly thinking of things I could blog about and never getting here to do it. Do you have this experience? I wonder if other moms are as full of ideas and interests to blog about but never do because their lives are so full. Lest you think I am complaining, I am not. I am just so busy and full of responsibilities that the not-so-important gets set aside. (One of the many reasons I don't blog so often!)

We went to a "Park Day" today and had a very enjoyable time. We came home to a bit of chaos. I think that is why we don't do park days very often. I cannot seem to make it all happen. I am a very limited being and am finding my limitations, well, limiting. I suppose that means I must limit myself, but that is difficult to do sometimes. I don't really want to be limited--I want to be able to do all I want to do, but that is not the reality of living my life. It is not reality for my children either. They would much rather play, watch movies, play computer or board games, outside, really almost anything *other* than school.

Does this happen on your homesteads too? I really don't much like being the one always cracking the whip (so to speak) and I don't much like having to be the police all the time. I suppose this all comes from the fact that all of us--including my precious children--are sinners with very wayward hearts and minds. Don't we all fight it? I sure do. Don't we all have a bit (or more) of the Me! Me! Me! attitude about us? May God give me truly, and I mean truly, the patience to be the best mother I can be, the best homeschooling mama, the best wife, and the best woman of God for Him that I can be. I need His help to make it all happen--in His time, in His way, in His grace. Aren't you glad we have His mercy?


Darrensgirl said...

When you wrote," I am a limited being with limitations which I find...limiting" (I think that's a near direct quote), you absolutely expressed how I'm feeling right now. Do you ever set up expectations and then circumstance and your own limitations (including selfishness with time, etc...) totally foil your attempts? I had grand plans to get caught up in history and science over Christmas break and instead have not even touch either and feel totally behind. Also, a little virus currently has me reigning my kingdom from bed, which doesn't help matters either. It's hard to know what are realistic expectation and where I need to simply buck up.

I wish I had a computer program that you could type in the expectation and I'd get feed back on whether it's realistic or not and if so, how to accomplish the task. Thank goodness He's given me a godly husband who provides excellent council, His Word and other moms to glean from!

God bless and have a great day!

Maggie(AKA Darrengirl)

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Copperswife said...

....and, unfortunately, still falling into that same old trap! God's mercy and grace are so real to me in times like that! However, I think it helps for us to remember to commit our plans to HIM before commiting ourselves to our own plans. God never gives us more (work, stress, grief or even blessing) than what is truly beneficial for us. When we get in over our heads it is usually because we're doing more than God intended. Preachin' to myself here, too.

Jocelyndixon said...

I really like your template. Very elegant!


Ms. Jocelyn

CTdittmar said...

First time visiting your site and I resonate with your post here! THanks for sharing from your heart and articulating some thoughts we can all relate to! Warmly in Christ, CTmom2five

Deborah said...

Hi, Kate!

I, too, have found that I/we have limitations. My struggle has been learning to slow down -- trying to give up some of the park days, social activities. I think I have too many friends/family, and I love "social" stuff (people, relationships) so much that it is very hard to ever say no. Plus, I hate to hurt anyone's feelings or make people feel that they aren't important to me. But, I have noticed that the more out and about we are, the less "school" we do and the more "butting heads" we have amongst my boys and the more stressed out I feel (and guilty for not running my home well).

I think I was kinda hoping to have 3 or 4 more kids so maybe people would look at me and say "Boy she has her hands full, don't ask her to do anything." What a silly reason to want to grow our family, is it not?? I think I'd just better learn to slow down and say NO whenever the Lord says to (though I still eagerly desire another child or two!)

I am also learning to really be hubby's helpmate and throw myself into his vision. And realize the limitations that come with that -- I can't be "all about him" and "all about me" and "all about my girlfriends" and yada yada yada. There have been so many NEW thoughts that God has brought our way since "discovering" homeschooling a few years back. I feel like my life is having a hard time catching up with all these paradigm-shifts in my way of thinking!! One day at a time ;)

Anonymous said...

I so totally agree with you about not wanting to be the "police" all the time at home! I recently made a similar comment to my husband. It's draining, and not how I want to be (but someone's got to do it! :) ) I thank God for His mercies that are new every morning! And for kids that are pretty wonderful.