Thursday, January 04, 2007

Please pray for James

This is clipped from Jen's blog. Please pray for her little three year-old son, James.

"The IV that they gave him yesterday seemed to help a lot immediately. He was back up and alert right away. For the first time in two days he wanted to eat. He had a bite of bread, some rice and a couple spoonfuls of apple sauce. That lasted about 30 minutes and he became very tired again. They also gave him steroids to open his lungs, antibiotics to fight infection (pneumonia), Tylenol, and breathing treatments."

"James had a hard night. The nurses did a lot to keep his temperature down and his oxygen levels up. They gave him constant breathing treatments and oxygen. By this morning his temperature was down, his oxygen levels are good and he seems to be breathing pretty good (deep breaths, not quick shallow short breaths) though he has a very wet cough. The doctor stopped by early and said that James had a bit of cracking in his breathing which could be the beginning of pneumonia."

I know that Jen and Geoff would really appreciate your prayers. Thanks.


my2kids4Him said...


I came upon your blog and have enjoyed reading here. I'm sure you've already noticed that I added you to my friends.

I'll certainly remember the prayer request.

Anonymous said...

Looks like he's coming home! Thanks be to God!

JenIG said...

I love you, Kate. thank you for praying. we're all home now (yay!)