Saturday, January 06, 2007

Little Persons

I have five little persons and some are not so little anymore. I was blessed this morning by my second daughter's cooking. She made Afternoon Tea Scones for us from her new Redwall Cookbook. This has been a long-desired-to-own book and we gave it to her for Christmas. When she and her older sister were small, I could not see the time ahead of me when they would not be so needy let alone a time when they would cook for me. The time is here and has arrived all too quickly.

I am so very blessed by my oldest daughters! It is time that has passed all too quickly for me yet I wanted it to pass in some ways when they were younger. I was tired and overwhelmed and could not see what my friends with older children could see - that time marches on and nothing stays the same. I go back to this theme somewhat frequently here because I think we as homeschool moms (with the various many hats we wear and tasks we undertake to do) lose sight of it all too easily. I know I do.

My youngest daughter, painted me recently with liquid paper:

She still asks to sleep with us though she has long been in her own bed. She climbs in to bed in the morning and snuggles up close to me. She helped me crack eggs for this morning's breakfast and was absolutely glowing with pride that she helped in the kitchen. My heart aches with all of this because she will not be little for long. She is a precious gift of a smallish person who will grow to a young lady in no time at all.

For those of you in the tired moments, who feel as though you will never get a decent night's rest ever again, who feel as though you cannot see the end of the endless work of diapers, and who wonder just how your children will get educated with a tired mom--remember this. They grow up. They learn to read; they conquor math facts; it all happens! Your precious tiny babies and your toddlers with their funny words--they grow up to become beautiful productive, happy and creative people. It is an awesome thing to behold and a miracle that God lets us take part in His work of life. May they grow to the glory of God!


Dana said...

I am encourage by the wisdom of your years

PreschoolersandPeace said...

We might have to arrange a marriage here... my 13yo would probably think he'd died and gone to heaven to find a wife who cooks from a Redwall cookbook :D

anewday said...

...as I sit here with my little guy, staying home from the service today :( because he's been soooo difficult lately with his frequent demands and whining.

Thank you for the reminder, Kate. I greatly needed it today.

God bless you!

Copperswife said...


workinprogress said...

Watching my 13 yr. old down to my nearly 2 yr. old, I most definately agree -- those "childhood" years pass much too quickly!

Jennifer said...

Thanks, Kate. Today I am home from worship with the twins, sleep-deprived as always, and God sent me to your blog to be blessed.