Friday, January 12, 2007

Grateful today...

For feeling healthy today. For a husband who provides for all our needs and many wants and who understands what it means to love his wife. I am so blessed by him! For five beautiful gifts from God that continually challenge and enrich my life. For my Savior. He continually reveals His love and incredible sacrifice towards me in so many ways. Thank you, Lord, for this full rich life.


Anonymous said...

Oh, Kate - they're so gorgeous. They look happy and full of spunk!

We have DSL now that we've moved so I can actually load your blog! Whoohoo!



MrsIncredible said...

Your children are BEAUTIFUL!!!!! I just stopped by to catch up on you since I didn't blog for so long! Did you take the photo, it is great!


Dana said...

Where was it taken?

So are you cold enough up there?

I can't believe I was once a PE teacher in this stuff.

I am such a wus in my older ager.

And RE China...duh? Didn't they see this coming?

You know they did but couldn't do anything about it for fear of their reputation.

So sad!

Marie said...

Wonderful to see all five together. They all are so different, yet similar.


JenIG said...

amen! i thank God that He's given me such treasured friends, like you!