Monday, December 18, 2006

If you like to talk for hours...

The paradoxes of life amuse me. Here I am a Christian for many years, conservative, a mom of five, homeschooler, etc. (and I even own two denim jumpers!) YET, I really like great music—funky, strange, silly music. We are sitting here listening to the Spin Doctors’, Two Princes. It was initially the chorus that looped me into liking this song. It is a man singing:

Said if you want to call me baby
Just go ahead now
And if you like to tell me maybe
Just go ahead now
And if you wanted to buy me flowers
Just go ahead now
And if you like to talk for hours
Just go ahead now

But what kept me listening was the music. I KNOW that as a young woman I would always argue with those in authority about the music I listened to—that it was the music that I really loved and didn’t care about the words. Well, I have to say that I mostly stick by that today. This song has great funky music that is nothing like the more conservative tunes I like to listen to as well. I do care though, about the words. Thankfully these are OK. :+) It is fun to just get up and dance with your children, make silly faces in the never-missing video-camera we have here under the ownership of my first child. The movies of an ill mother (for I happen to be feeling on the low side of the health chart today) grooving to a very beat-filled song, in her sweats, with no make-up on—well, let’s just say they will not be making it to uTube. :+)

Enjoy your children today – dance a little for me!


JenIG said...

i am so with you, sister. and THAT was the main song that was playing when me and geoff fell in love. Funny how music is so infused with specific memories.

Dana said...

yep me too! I watch the words, but the beats gotta be there. And I would add too the video clad child & sweats wearing mama - the husband sitting on the couch shaking his head

Marie said...

Play that funky music right, boy!

anewday said...

So good to know I'm not alone! LOL!

And can I just say it?



Anonymous said...

Anonymous?? What's up with that??? I didn't realize I wasn't signed in when I left that last comment!

Copperswife said...

Am I computer challenged today or what?!?! I think I am FINALLY signed in as me!! The two Ah, Music posts were me, Copper's Wife. Geesh Kate, and I can't even blame my foggy brain on not feeling well.

keldaris said...

I had to chuckle when I read the lyrics in your blog, then I read the comments and just had to add to the list. That song always reminds me of my husband. In my mind I see him as a young 19 year old very cute guy who wore a spin doctors t shirt with a long john shirt under it. I didn't even know who they were until then and I don't have any idea what other songs they have. But its that one song that reminds me of when my heart would go flutter.