Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Christmas around our house

There are many blogs that are showing pictures of their Christmas finery. I don't know that our decor can be considered "finery" but they sure bring us joy!

Here is our little Christmas tree nook. We have three little trees up on a steamer trunk full in the corner of our living room.


Here are our living room windows with the rest of the Christmas tree ornaments as well as the stockings "hung from our garlands with care." :+)

Here is the view of the top of our piano--a favorite place of mine to decorate no matter what time of year we find ourselves!

Here are our nutcrackers up close. :+)

Here is what greets you when you enter our home. It is a much-loved pie safe that was made for me by my mother's loving husband.

Here is the close-up. I love my red jug and my cranberry candle!

And here is my Christmas crew!

We hope you are enjoying your Christmas season as much as we are.


debdillon said...

I saw your blog title and it caught my eye. What a beautiful Christmas set up you have. I am very decorating challenged and all we have is a tree and our Nativity set out.


ClagettsFLStyle said...

I love all the Christmas decorations. Thanks so much for sharing.

Wishing you a Merry CHRISTmas

Camy said...

What a warm, inviting home you must have, Kate! Our 3 yob has broken nearly one third of our ornaments! That is why I bake salt dough ornaments and have the children handpaint them. They are more priceless than a storebought bulb (the shelflife of salt dough may be a bit more to our liking as well!)


<br>Now about that painting in the nutcracker close-up....is it Pre_Raphaelite? Dying to know...:o)


<br>Blessings, Kate.


<br>Camy I

mamatc said...

Thanks for the 'tour' of your lovely home! You have a very sweet looking family as well. I must say that red jug is striking! I can see why it's a favorite.

Blessings to you and Yours!

Traci :)

Anonymous said...

Oh KATE!!!! How sweet this post is!!! And I just loooooove that picture of you all. And I loooove your decorations!!!

~Jo's Boys

Copperswife said...

Your home is lovely, and your family is beautiful. I cannot believe how big the three oldest are!! Merry Christmas to you all.

Robin said...

Kate, that is a beautiful picture of your family and such warm pictures of your home. I hope you have a very merry Christmas. Some day I hope to make it to Sacramento to see you.


JenIG said...

oh my, i *so* miss your house. this makes me sad. please hug all the mini kesslers for me. i want to come over and sit on your porch.