Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Voting Day!

As always I am last-minute in both voting and reading about all the various propositions and some of the candidates are new to me. Most of the propositions, in this state of non-accountability, should have been decided by our elected officials. For whatever reason they have not been and so that responsiblity falls to the voters. Well, there are some very important ones on our ballot and we are getting out to vote to have our conservative say in this very liberal state of California.


I like this guy. Paul Green Jr. is running for State Senator in our district and he just sounds like the nicest man with the right ideas about government and, more importantly, the right ideas about the moral issues that are important to me. May God give him victory.


Surprisingly on our ballot this election is Proposition 85, Waiting Period and Parental Notification Before Termination of Minor's Pregnancy-Initiative Constitutional Amendment. It is appalling that a minor--as young as 12!!--can get an abortion in our state at all, or that any woman can, but even more so that parents are not even notified. You cannot give a child an asprin in a public school, but yet they can covertly escort them to an abortion mill and "take care of" the living baby inside. It is sickening to me. You should have seen the garbage commercials that came out against this proposition. May God allow it to pass!


There is also another interesting proposition on Imminent Domain. If you have been following this at all in the national news you will know about the much-discussed unconstitutional grabbing of private land. I am happy to see this on our ballot and really hope it passes. Let the developers develop on honestly purchased land, not land stollen from those whose families have had it for decades or centuries--or land stollen from churches!


It is rare that I blog anything political, but that does not mean I don't feel strongly about these issues. I really pray that God will bring victory to the godly who are running and move in the hearts of the men and women already serving. May His will be done in this misfit state!



Get out and vote!


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Anonymous said...

Did anything go your way?

I was happy with 83 and 87, anyway. Preferred Schwarzeneggar to Angelides.

Marie (www.thingswesaid.blogspot.com)