Friday, November 24, 2006

My Lady Sweets

I have really been enjoying the growing stages of our girls. They are like beautiful flowers just beginning to grow in the spring. It is wonderful to hear them talk about the newness of life and the world around them. I try to spend time with just my older girls on a semi-regular basis. We try to do it every Tuesday night, while Daddy is with John at Cub Scouts and the littles are in bed, but sometimes that does not work out. The times it does though, are precious and I am enjoying it so much! 


We read in one sitting (though it was quite a bit of reading) The Stranger at Home, by an unknown author. It was last published in 1871 and has been republished in a beautifully bound hardback by SAT Publications. They are particular in what they publish and have made some wonderful choices! This is a wonderful book! It is probably the author's childhood story though they do not know this for sure. It is written in a very personal way. From the website:


"The story centers on Elvira, a spoiled and rebellious girl, and how her godly parents and wise siblings deal with her disruptive behavior. (...) Of special note is the sweet, gracious, yet irresistible power of God in the last chapter."


We were very moved by the whole story. It was also really wondeful to have a quality  book backing up our authority as parents in story format. There certainly is no end to books that buck it. These same publishers gave us The Basket of Flowers. That made for many nights of meanful reading and deep conversation over tea and cookies.


This week past my eldest and I were able to have some rare alone time. We started a lovely book called Beautiful Girlhood. It has some of the most meaningful and precious words in it for this mother and daughter! It was hard to make it through some of the portions to be honest. My "little girl" is fast becoming a beautiful young woman. Sometimes I want time to stop and other times I just cannot believe how amazing she is. I am truly blessed with my children.


Here are some wonderful quotes:


"Childhood holds its promises, womanhood its fulfillments, and youth, those golden days of girlhood, the transition. This change is almost too great for us to comprehend. We marvel when we see the tiny, green bud develop into a mature rose of brilliant hue; how much more wonderful is the change from the crudeness and imperfections of childhood to the beauty and grace of young womanhood!"


"The awakening comes suddenly. Not that you will know the day or the week when the change comes, nor will you be conscious of the miracle in your nature, but the things of childhood will slip away. The little girl in you loses interest in her play-world.  (...)  Your mother looks on with dismay as she sees these changes, for she knows that her little girl is getting away from her and that she must make room in her heart and life for the young woman developing before her eyes.  She would put it off a little longer, for she will miss her little daughter, her baby girl; but even mother-love cannot stay the hand of time."


Oh, these words brought tears to my eyes because they are true! It is happening before my eyes and my lovely daughters are growing so fast. I am so very grateful for this time--this time to sit and listen, to share and discuss. I am so glad for a good relationship with my children. May it always be so! 


I desire to connect in a different way with my younger children and have this kind of special time too though it is very different as they flit like butterflies from one thing to another. The darling feverish manner of little ones! How they are all so funny! How do you connect with your children? What special things do you do to reach their little hearts? 


I hope you all had a very nice Thanksgiving. We sure did--and we have much to be thankful for! 


anewday said...


The last quote is especially sobering. My oldest is 8 and I'm already seeing glimmers of "young womanhood" in her at times. I can't believe how fast she's growing up.

Praying that God will continue to grant wisdom and grace as you seek to guide and direct each one in the days and years ahead.

It's been a blessing the few times we've chatted at ROPC, and I do look forward to getting to know you better. :)

5solasmom said...

Kate! This is funny - when you said the pic on my 5solasmom blog didn't look like me and that my hair was really blonde...I thought you were talking about the avatar pic I had up (which I actually took down a long time ago now that I remember..LOL). My hair wasn't really "blonde" but highlighted and it was an older pic...Anyway...rambling....I went to it today and realized you were referring to the pic of Melissa Snow - the heart shaped one that's actually a link. A friend from a message board I've been on for several years made it last year. So, you were right - that wasn't me! ;)

Anyway, just thought I'd clear up the confusion. Hee hee!


JenIG said...

Coie and I read thru A Stranger at Home about five years ago; we love that book. I also read A Basket of Flowers out loud to all the kids and we all really liked it. This time is so sweet and it is going by way to fast.

Darrensgirl said...

I found your blog address on another person's blog and truly enjoyed a "visit" this afternoon. This entry, in particular, struck a chord with me as I've been struggling to relate to each of my children in a special way but especially my dearest 13 yr old daughter. I'm seeking out ways to spend quality time with just her, but with 4 younger siblings, a very busy and unique life overseas and in a diplomatic position (my sweety, not me directly;) and the "normal" everyday business we homeschool moms face, I am just not finding the time I want.

Thank you for sharing what is working for you and serving as inspiration:)



PS I'm quite familiar with the OPC and have a friend who's an OPC pastor in TN.