Thursday, November 16, 2006

Lifting Her Up

From another mother in the homeschooling trenches came this:


We have had several discussions with the doctor and have come to the conclusion to stop all treatments altogether.  It just was not working in my body.  Sadly this means I am now officially on hospice care.  I am comfortable and not in much pain.  My doctor said I would have one to six months; however, we agreed in reality it would be more like 1 to 2 months.


This takes my breath away. She is a mama just like you and I are, loving her young ones, loving her husband. She is preparing to leave them forever. It breaks my heart for her and, of course helps me to take stock in my own family life.


Please join me in prayer for Lorrie Gnos as she prepars to meet her Savior, and for those she will leave behind. May the hand of our great and mighty God bring them His precious comfort.


JavaMama said...

I can not imagine what she is going through. I pray that the Lord will give her peace in her last days here on earth.

JOYfully in Him,


Dana said...

This does make me take stock. But she is more on my mind than myself. My heart hurts for her which leads me to prayer.

Marie said...

Saw this entry on her blog from last June:

Next year we are going to quilt something together….what’s on your project list?

Her little girl had just made her first quilt. This is beyond sad.

Anonymous said...

This is so proufoundly sad, Kate. May God provide His unlimited depths of grace for this family.

I am no longer blogging at this time. The season just isn't right, kwim? However, it has been on my heart again, and I'm praying about it. How I miss writing!

Diane had mentioned you to me. What a cyberworld of friends, eh? How I hate not being able to see, touch, and listen to my friends! Wah. I wlll try to visit more often :o).

Blessings to you, Kate.


JenIG said...

heart wrenching

macaroni said...

thought i would stop by and say hello. well....................hello

comment soon well bye