Tuesday, November 28, 2006

I love Christmas specials!

I get all sorts of interesting emails from all sorts of places tempting me to shop *now* because there are some fabulous deals available. Well, every so often they are absolutely right and I do buy! I thought I would share with you some of the fun things I have found--some I purchased and some I did not. (I have to be careful here as some of my children read this blog! To my children - do not read any further!!) :+)


Knowledge Quest is having a Stocking Stuffer Sale and this means that some very neat geography games (as well as some other really wonderful items) are on sale. I really love this company and its owners.


The Old Schoolhouse Store is also having a tremendous Black Friday (through this Saturday) sale. Depending on how much you spend you receive a huge stash of other goodies so check it out! Remember--always free shipping!


Timberdoodle is one of my favorite stores on the net--always great service and high quality products. You will not find junk at Timberdoodle. They too are also having a sale on some of their games and curriculum items.  


I like this product! It is a KikaFlik and they are having a free shipping sale too!


Vision Forum has a bunch of items on clearance and if you order today you will receive free shipping. I do enjoy this store!


Books are often on the Christmas list as gifts and I find some amazing deals at BookCloseouts. I have also recently discovered the goldmine that can be found in the "New and Used" section on Amazon.com's individual item listings. I have found some amazing prices on books that normally are very expensive or they just cannot be found to buy from Amazon. I bought a beautiful full-color book for $.86 (plus $3.50 shipping). I was very pleased and have also found some curriculum needs that way.


Hearthsong always has creative Christmas gifts for children and they always have something on sale too. Some of their "Christmas Overstock" is 70% off. (I was able to get some fun stuff there too!)  


Contructive Playthings and Back to Basic Toys both have really nice quality items for underneath your tree. I just love wooden toys and both of these companies have them.


OK, that is my Christmas rundown! I hope you are enjoying the beginning of the Christmas season. We have already enjoyed listening to A Christmas Carol and the Classical Kids Christmas cassette as well as read our first Christmas book, The Year of the Perfect Christmas Tree. We are ready to start our December devotional, Bartholomew's Passage: A Family Story for Advent. We read the first in the series last year, Jotham's Journey: A Storybook for Advent. The first is still available for those of you interested in a tremendously exciting Advent story! From what I understand the author is searching for a new publisher so it makes some of the books hard to find. It is worth the seach though and we will be starting Bartholomew's Passage this weekend.


What are your new plans for this year?


Genesis1x28 said...

Isn't it fun? I bought 2 of the Geography games offered in the Knowledge Quest promotion.

I've been saving up my Vision Forum purchases for their annual $50 gift certificate if you buy so much (I think it's $150). Usually the gift certificate comes in and I've already made all my purchases. So this year I've made a list, but held off on buying, but with my luck, they won't offer it this year. :-)

esperanzavallero said...

We have been listening to Bing Crosby, and I used a gift card to buy the kids the Playmobile nativity. I am trying to bring a little cheer into an otherwise crazy year. I think we are moving this weekend, but I really don't know. Nothing goes as fast as one plans it to. One thing though, with all this moving, I am very content to not bring in to much stuff for Christmas. I found some good garage sale toys, in their boxes(maybe thats because they are duds?) and everyone will get a book.



mamatc said...

This will be our first Christmas together as a married family! I am so excited! We are already brainstorming a few things to have as traditions for our own family. I like the sales this time of year as well. I'll be checking out some of the links you have for sure! I love Timberdoodle too and Vision Forum has great stuff. Sometimes the hardest part is finding the money to get all of the wonderful resources that are available!


Traci :)

P.S. I scored as Elizabeth Bennet too! I am also Marianne Dashwood, what a mix!