Thursday, November 02, 2006


I am very excited today. There is a special person I have never met, but have worked with for years, chatted theology, great literature, and, of course, J.R.R. Tolkien with, and she will be in my very home tomorrow at 8:00 am! That person would be the brilliant mind behind the Literary Lessons of the Lord of the Rings, Mrs. Amelia Harper. I have long desired to spend some time chatting fantasy literature, LOTR, and life with her in my home (while enjoying second breakfast) and I just can't believe it will happen tomorrow!


So what does that mean for today? It means I had better get off this computer, get going on school, and get this house in shape! What would a fellow Hobbit think if she came to my uncleaned hole in the ground? :+)


Enjoy your week!



momco3 said...

Happy second breakfasts to you! I can't wait to hear of the unusal un-Hobbitish adventures you may have.


deedeeuk said...

And tell her that Deedee in the UK says Hi! We all miss her!

Buckeyeblog said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog - and it was AWESOME to talk to you!! Just wanted to let you know that I'm not at home (I guess I didn't tell you that on the phone), and I'm using a friend's lap-top. So I will get those items to you when I get back.

Saturday, on the way home, we're going to head out bright and early - well...early - to check out Scott and Marsha Somerville's conference in Cinci!! I'm VERY excited!!

I'll be in touch soon.

Blessings from Ohio, Kim Wolf<><