Sunday, November 05, 2006

Company Revisted

What a lovely day with an even more lovely woman. I have wanted to meet Amelia for many years and what a treasure she is in person. Those of you in her church--you are blessed people! I would love to have her as a local friend. There are few people in my life who understand Tolkien in the way that she does, and understand my love of his work too. She gave me one of the nicest gifts in the book, The Silmarillion. I don't even know why she gave me such a gift, but I am really thankful for it. :+) It is so lovely with full-color paintings by Ted Nasmith.


We hobbits had much second breakfasting and lunching and dinnering from morning until late in the evening. It is wonderful to meet a kindred spirit in person and I really very much enjoyed our time. She showed me all her pictures from her TOS UK trip and so, DeeDee, I got to see who you are! :+) She says hello to you! Thanks for letting me ramble about a dear sweet person. :+)


deedeeuk said...

Glad you had such a great visit!! My picture seems to be getting around these days!! I just got my summer TOS last week and got a shock to discover that I was in it too!! So you can also see me on page 17 if you miss my face!! LOL!!! I forgot I was in it and nearly dropped my cup of tea when I turned the page and was looking at myself!! :-)

ClagettsFLStyle said...

a wonderful and blessed time. Thanks for sharing it with us.!

JenIG said...

i'm so totally jealous. hanging out with BOTH of you would have been undescribably fun.

Kate, maybe we can hit the NC convention and traipse around with the Witiful Amelia over the weekend (I'd like to see her do the 'I gotta new skirt' performance with us)

Copperswife said...

Sounds like great fun!! Glad you had the opportunity.

HeartnSoul said...

Sounds like a very nice time! Thank you for sharing :)

I agree with you about the elections too -- thanks for posting the Scripture, I think we'll go over it on Monday since we didn't really discuss it with the kids very much prior to last Tuesday.


Denise T