Saturday, November 11, 2006

Calling Him Lord...

Submission. That can be an inflammatory word when understood incorrectly. I have appreciated two recent posts, one from a favorite inflammable blog source here, and one from Kim at The Upward Call.


I believe that true biblical submission is a gift to a marriage and does not subvert the wife. I am grateful for both of the perspectives in the above-linked posts. It is a beautiful concept that I am afraid we often miss. I hope you don't miss these posts!


Genesis1x28 said...

Amen and I'm very pleased to meet you, my fellow Bouguereau fan! It seems we have quite a bit in common. I ALSO love solid Reformed Theology, history, creation science and time spent discussing all of the above with family and friends while drinking good strong coffee OR a good mocha (I've not explored the world of tea yet, how do you decide when to have tea and when to have coffee?).

Marie said...

I have certainly noticed that when I get "up in my husband's face" my children get immediately unruly.

Even when I AM RIGHT. :)