Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Wolf Scout Mama

I am officially a Wolf Scout Mama. I took the place of my husband tonight at the den meeting of my Wolf Cub. It was nice to see the inner-sanctum of scouting for the first time. We will be attending his pack meeting next week as a family because he will be getting some awards. He has been working really hard with his sister and his daddy to get the requirements done. He really is a special boy and I adore him.


Tonight they had to write a guess for an experiment they were doing. I looked later at his paper and in addition to his guess he had written in little boy capital letters, "I love Cub Scouts." It made my heart melt. He almost missed it tonight because Daddy was just not feeling well. I said I would go and I am so glad I did. Time is marching on with my son. He is growing up. He is seeing things with new eyes and honorable men to guide him. It was really wonderful to be there with him. He is my little soldier and I love him.


BelovedLamb said...

Bear Cub mom here! We are in the same council area so maybe we'll finally meet someday at a scout camp! :)

Eagle Mama said...

As a proud mom of an Eagle Scout I am so happy of your good experience in scouting. We have had our ups and downs as is probably in any large group of sinful people, but overall the experiences of my boys have been very very valuable.

I wish your son could cross over into our troop!

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JenIG said...

ahhhhhhhhhhh, that is very sweet!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad John is enjoying Cubs. We've found scouting to be a big motivator in our family in many ways. One Eagle, one Life Scout, one Bear and one wee scoutie...we'll be around scouting for many years to come. A pat on the back to you for venturing into a cub den meeting, mom!