Thursday, October 05, 2006

Weekend away means weekend of play

We had a grand weekend away. Much play, relaxation, good food, and fellowship was had. Here are some shots, courtesy mainly of my daughter, and her newly-received digital camera. I am constantly on guard now--must be freshly done up or ready with the delete button. :+) (Or suffer the consequences!) LOL


First the children enjoyed removing the very green underwater green plants growing off the dock. This *may* look like work, but it was not to my harvesters.



Look at those clumps! They grow from the dock down to the bottom of the river and are not native to the Delta.


Then they did lots of playing in a neighbor's playhouse put up for his grandchildren. This was such a fun-looking set! I think it is from the Disney Bears.



There were family walks (that is my mother next to me in the red) and she is next to my almost-as-tall-as-me eldest daughter. The man to the left is my mother's wonderful husband and Abigail is next to him. Little Emma, who is not really so little anymore, is holding onto my hand.



Trampoline jumping with flips in the air...



(Hannah above and Abigail below...)



Hesitant dipping in the river on the blustery day...



Huck Finning on an improvised boat...



Sliding down the levy and flying kites in the wind...




Quick to sleep this night!



Up early to walk along the levy...



And quick to jump on anything that moves...




Tired but very happy children.



Tired but very happy Mommy and Daddy.



God is GOOD!



wrose said...

Looks like you had tons of fun!

It's been fall here for several weeks. The trees started turning colour near the beginning of September, and already many of them are bare. But the past few days have been lovely and warm enough for only a light jacket.

Anonymous said...

Ohmygosh those are SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank goodness for the dig camera!!!!!

I will expect pictoral posts like these constantly, of course. :)

~Jo's Boys

JenIG said...

this totally made me cry. i miss you guys SO much

esperanzavallero said...

Wish Mark a very Happy Birthday from us Pepito's. I am glad your weekend went well, looks like a fun end to summer. Thanks for the wonderful visit.