Monday, October 23, 2006

Eldarion to Christ

How many of you knew who Eldarion was? If so, you have read the various Appendices to The Lord of the Rings. (Can you tell I am a Ringer?) :+) I just finished this amazing work for the third time. With each reading it gets richer and richer and the characters come more alive to me. Reading the Appendices give me so much to chew on. That Tolkien would have written them at all shows you just how much he was truly living in Middle Earth. For those of you who have read The Silmarillion, you will know it even more.


The Appendices tell you what happened to so many of the people you encountered in Middle Earth. I say that like they are all real. They *do* become real the more you read it. You can see these Hobbits, Men, and Elves come alive in the work of Tolkien and it really is marvelous. There is no other fictional work I have ever read that has painted a picture so clear that you could walk into it and miss it when it was gone. I was sad today thinking of Arwen in the fading garden of Lothlorien after the passing of Aragorn--she gave up everything for her love of him. I was sad thinking of the death of Merry and Pippin, laying "...in Rath Dinen among the great of Gondor." 


How is it that a work of fiction can have such an impact on one's heart? I think the very essence of the fall of man is portrayed in these books--intentional or not. All of life is filled with great happiness as well as great grief. There was exceptional joy in these books and exceptional pain. Do we not live this very life? I think I so identify with the grief of Arwen or the sadness at the passing of the time of the Elves because life changes and moves on. But it was not meant to be this way. We are living in the world post-fall. What an aching reality! To know there was such a thing as a perfect world, God's most perfect place, set apart for us all, not marred by sin and death--and to have missed it all for the lust of the flesh, the pride of life. Ah, such grief! Such pain! So much we endure because of the choice of two people.


There is to be a better place, a future world not marred by sin and death--where there will be no tears, no more sorrow, no pain and suffering. It is truly hard to comprehend. I cannot fathom what that world looks like--but I know it will be! I have the promise of my King--my returning King! The battle though, is already fought, and the treasure of eternal life is already won. There will be no Black Gate to conquer and no great enemy to defeat. It is a joyous advent for those who know their King.


I think this is why The Lord of the Rings resonates so much with my heart. It is not that I think it is an allegory for it isn't, but because there is so much beauty and truth in it--and so much aching sadness that reminds me of this life. The aching sadness though, will pass away, and be a long lost memory in eternity with Christ.


JenIG said...

you are such a beautiful writer. this is lovely.



momco3 said...


I feel the same way. We were reading to The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe tonight, and I had the same aching grief about the fall. (We were reading about Aslan's sadness going to the Stone Table.) Thank you for putting into words the grief in my heart-- it was not for Aslan, but for the grief here on earth.

I will come back to your blog and suspect I will feast here on your writing.


lindafay said...

I feel the same way.

Anonymous said...

Oh, wow!

That is exactly how I feel about the books, though I could never express it quite that clearly. My husband doesn't get it and those who haven't read the books really don't understand what they are missing!

I've been thinking I need a new book to read, but I might just go back to Middle Earth for a third time. :)

JessieBeachBum said...


Sorry, Kate! I left that last comment... just didn't realize I clicked on "Anonymous". LOL