Friday, October 20, 2006


I don't know about any of you, but I am so easily distractable. The internet is a difficult thing to grapple with for me. It is so much easier to read blogs, boards, the news, etc., than to really deal with the very real life in front of me. I think I am going to have to sincerely limit myself. I do it to my children so why not to myself? I really don't want my children's memories of me to be the back of my head as I read another news story.


The "Information Age" is really not all its cracked up to be in some ways. There is so much instant information, shopping, pictures, videos, help, chat, article after article of available knowledge and all for the taking! Now I know full well there are negatives to the net too, but it can really be an addiction. (And I am not talking about the gross stuff, but the truly helpful or enjoyable things here.) I am dealing with the symptoms now. Are you?


1. How often do I click "send and receive" per day? Does my work really take that much time?

2. Does it really matter if anyone has commented underneath my post on the board? Does it benefit anyone at all or is it only for my own benefit?

3. Did that person respond to my comment I left for them on their blog?

4. Will the news website *really* have an update on the story I just read after only two hours? Does it matter if they do?

5. Does blogging take a more important role in my life than learning [insert subject here] with my children?

6. When I have extra money am I imagining what I can buy with it on the net?

7. Does it really matter how many people come to my blog every day? (Yes, you do matter, but should I care so much if my counter is low?)


These are humbling things I am asking myself. Yes, I have to use the internet for my job. I know that, but I have been using it as an excuse in my head for spending more time than I need to. Why is it hard to do this? Do I feel like I will not be important somehow if I drop out of the great internet discussion? I am not being sarcastic here, I am really asking myself these things.


How do you limit yourself on the computer--especially if you work from your home as I do? I would love to hear how you have limited yourself--and I will only read your responses when I have done what is truly important here at home. :+)


HeidiHomeschools said...

And ones I should definitely be asking myself as well.

Right now, with the up-and-coming adoption, I find myself checking my e-mails so much more than usual~ with the hopes of some updated pictures or information.

But, I know I've been online way too much of late.

Thanks for the reminder~ I'll question myself right along with you,


Corin said...

Once every few months I take a complete computer break for a week or two. No email, no internet, no anything. It's easier if I completely shut the computer down during the day, since it takes a while to boot up.

I've also done scheduled times for the computer (although I'm not at the moment **blush**). Such as only before 10 a.m. or only for an hour in the afternoon, etc. The only exceptions are the support group emails that we are in charge of sending down the list.

Comments, news etc. will always be there if it's important enough.

Dana said...

I am continuly wrestling with the same question's. And I would add for myself What is the purpose of my blog? For me it is to keep friends and family informed but then I have made friends that have blessed me with their wisdom (you!) whom I like to keep up on.

So I have given myself 15 minutes in the morning for news, 30 minutes of quiet hour for blogs and research if thats how I choose to spend it. And a quick personnal blog update in the evening after the kids go to bed or else my Mom complains:).

And believe me there was a time it was more than that and I was feeling super convicted. It seems crazy to have to pray about such things but it is addictive and once it gets a hold of you....it can get out of control fast! Crazy!

journeybackintime said...

Oh, my dear friend, you *know* that I am right there in the trenches with you. I have asked myself all of those questions over and over again. I've tried limiting my time throughout the day, but once that computer is booted up, it's too easy to just hop on for a "few minutes." Since I'm taking away the TV from the kids during the week in November, I think I'm going to take away the computer from myself before 5pm. I'm going to allow myself to get on in the evenings only for about an hour or so to get all of my work done and to blog if I feel like it. That means that I have ALL DAY LONG to interact with my kids. I think this is probably the only answer for my addiction!


Marie said...

The internet is my happy place. I love to read, and I love the "social" life that is there. Home schooling and having a small starter church I don't get all the adult interaction I want. I read the internet more, but I read books less. Perhaps that is a negative, but then again, I write more. I also engage in more dialogues and conversations.

I have a to-do list every day. I tell myself to get 10 things done and then I can surf; or at break time I can sit at the computer for a while. Just like I would with reading, or needlepoint, or tv. I make sure I get my work done, then I get a treat.

spunkyhomeschool said...

Little late but...

I have limited myself in a variety of ways. I don't even check my statcounter anymore. I haven't in a long time. I wouldn't know if it has gone up or down. I also don't have my own computer any more. Mine died a few weeks ago, but was in the throws of death even before that. (That's why I'm late commenting on this.) I work when my husband is away from his desk at very specific times. I also don't do many message boards and I severely limit email interaction. This helps me keep my real life, real. I still read quite a few blogs on bloglines and comment as often as I can. I try to remember the first purposes of why I started my blog and focus on those priorities. If they are met and I have extra time, I'll dabble in other sites.

I also have learned to say NO. I am asked to do quite a few things. They are all so very tempting. I would enjoy many of them, and make some needed cash (for a new computer?) But in earning the extra money, I know I would be short changing my children. That's a net loss in my opinion. It's hard to say no. But I'd rather say no to those who don't know me, than to the little ones sitting around me any day. I have learned to say no to others, so I can say Yes to my children.

esperanzavallero said...

I know how you feel. I get very little traffic on my blog these days, because I am on it so rarely. I feel kindof out of the loop, but really my days are so full and I can scarcely do the things I really want to do(history, crafts)much less have to(laundry,packing for another move) so although I am definitely not getting much publicity, I am realizing that there will come a time when I can be more involved online. Just not now.