Monday, October 23, 2006

Distractions Part Two

Thank you to all the commenting ladies in the previous post. You all gave me something to think about and it helped. I think it really is about self control--one  of the basic things I teach my own children! Thankfully I have finished all I need to do with review products for a while, sent out all contest copies to TOS winners, and have some real honest-to-goodness non-work days ahead of me. It is something to be caught up!


This week we are striving to get back on the school schedule. Why is it that fall is the time of year that school starts up again? There are pumpkin farms to visit, fallish crafts to do, five birthdays amongst our family, Thanksgiving and then Christmas to plan for! How come fall is when fall is? :+) I do love fall, and all its trappings, but it sure makes it hard to stay on the school schedule! Apple cider anyone? :+)

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