Monday, October 30, 2006

Balancing of Days

I am really trying to find the balance in all my computer use and I find that the less I am on the computer the less I really want to be! :+) So, that is part of the reason I have not blogged since my prayer request.

Update on Grace: she is home and recovering from her nasty bout with sickness. Her baby is nursing again and is a happy little squishy clam. Grace's husband is happy about both of those things. :+) I can only imagine what he went through trying to feed a baby a bottle she did not want at all. Praise God she is doing well and in recovery mode now. God is good!



The older three children went with Daddy to Angel Island this Saturday with Cub Scouts and hiked all the way to the top of Mt. Livermore. The pictures here are taken from the top.  Above is the Golden Gate Bridge and below is Tiburon. The pictures and video from the summit were spectacular. (Unfortunately I had to shrink them to fit the blog space here, but even these pictures show you what a lovely day they had!) I had forgotten how pretty the Bay Area is. It has been ten years since we lived there and believe it or not the memory fades. The Sacramento area has truly become our home, summer heat and all.



We are in the midst of a gorgous fall day--slightly breezy and warm, but cool enough for candle burning. :+) I just love this time of year!


We celebrated the youngest's birthday yesterday. My not-so-little baby is now four. Four! It is amazing to see her growing so fast. Those of you struggling with babies--remember that it goes all too fast! I don't know when it all happened, but it is a good reminder to limit my time on the computer.


There we are! Full circle to the beginning of this post! I am limiting myself, and it has been liberating and wonderful. I even finished a brilliant book this weekend, North and South, by Elizabeth Gaskell. What a lovely, marvelous,  rich, and filling book! The movie is very similar in the feelings it evokes, but of course the book is filling to the soul beyond the measure of the movie. (And the movie was wonderful!)


I think I am going to set aside my Victorian passion for a while and read something nonfictionish. I have not settled on it yet, but will let you know when I do.


Have a lovely week, all! We are off to a brilliant start.


HeidiHomeschools said...

What a precious little "baby" you have there~ I LOVE that little smile~ too adorable!

TulipSeeds said...

I heard you are the lady to ask about curriclum. I am using Calvert and I really like there Math and Phonics program the rest I am having a lot of trouble with. I was wondering if you knew of a Phonics program that was close to what Calvert teaches.

Thank you for your time,