Sunday, September 03, 2006

Well done!


The BBC has done it again! I have long been a fan of both A&E and the BBC for their fine period dramas. Bleak House lives up to the standard! While I had to dive into the book with determination, I sat back and ate up the movie version. What tremendous actors! It is, as always, much better to have read the book before watching a movie of this type because you just get so much more out of it, but don't let that stop you from watching Dickens' brilliant work put to film. It was just so well done and now we own it!


Well, I finished Wives and Daughters several days ago after some very late nights.  I finished it with a sigh knowing that there will be no more of Molly, Roger, Cynthia, Mr. Gibson or Squire Hamley. Written in serial format and printed over 18 months in Cornhill Magazine, Mrs. Gaskell passed away before she finished it. As the story was so far written as to understand where it was going before she died, the editor wrote the final installment with that assumption.  It would have been wonderful to read it in Mrs. Gaskell's narrative style though. She was a thoughtful writer with a charming way of story telling. The movie version does end well and satisfactorily! It was a lovely book to follow the more detailed Dickens. I will miss Molly though; she had become a friend. I really am at a loss as to where to go from here. I think I ought to take up some more "steady reading" as Mr. Gibson termed it, but I have only read two works of fiction since my last nonfiction! (Grin!) Perhaps North and South?


We took the children out for a surprise movie afternoon at the $3.50 theater. That is the only theater we will take our entire family to for a movie. Seven of us rack up quite a tab at the regular theater! We saw the very fun and amazingly well-animated, Cars. It was such a fun movie! There were so many creative ways it was made and I really appreciated the family-friendliness of it. Owen Wilson as the lead did make me a bit nervous, but he was quite restrained and really entertaining. The annimation is superb and this will be a keeper!

This week we start afresh our school year with four of our five children officially "doing" school. It is hard to believe that! I am buckling down and trying to get things more scheduled here--a tough task for this seat-of-the-pants kind of woman. Any prayers offered up on our behalf would be kindly appreciated.


If you have started your new year, how is it going and what exciting changes/things are you making/doing this year?


Anonymous said...

I'm teaching four of my five this year, too! (The big boy is at college).

I'm not officially starting until after the Wedding of The Century. So we have a late start this year.

However, I have all my stuff purchased and waiting.

Marie (www.thingswesaid.blogspot.com)

Anonymous said...

I'm teaching four out of five this year, too! The biggest change that I've made is to have us all do a Bible study, together. Other than that...it's really more of the same ol', same ol'.

That's so funny that you mention Cars; we were talking about seeing it this week, too!


hugabunchmom said...

It is truly a new year for us! We are now expecting baby number five and so this adds a new class to our list: Your growing baby sibling!!! How fun to walk this road together with some of my children being old enough to understand the awe of God's creation process. We are really looking forward to another baby in the house. I am now doing more work to our lesson plans, preparing for the possibility of any pregnancy problems. We have had preterm labor a couple of pregnancies ago and bedrest, so this is a "just in case" sort of thing. I want to have everything covered so that school will go on regardless of the craziness elsewhere in the house. I am just so excited about how things are going right now!!

Copperswife said...

Thanks for the good review of Bleak House. Dani just finished the book, for at least the third time, and has been wanting to see the movie. Knowing that it has a good review from you makes the reality of the rental more likely!

We school year round, but started our fall "term" yesterday. New for us this year will be Spanish for the seven year old, and Latin for the twelve year old (Dani wants to learn Latin, too, so I'm working on that as well.)

Blessings to you this school year!

Dana said...

We started our fall term today.

So far so good.

First day of MUS - and the youngest for the first time was able to get place value. I am so glad you shared your experience with it. Thank you once again!

Moms4Psalms said...


I'll be adding this one to my netflix queue. Keep the BBC/A&E suggestions coming! Glad to hear your review of "Cars" too. We're looking forward to watching it as a family.

Have you seen the British "North and South"? It's another good one!


UndertheSky said...

Oh yes, I love North and South! That is one of Elizabeth Gaskell's books and it is up on my list of must-reads. The movie version was so well done. I am going to have to own it. :+)


Kristen from Walking Circumspectly said...

I am looking forward to seeing Bleak House--thanks for mentioning it. I didn't know it had been released!