Saturday, September 16, 2006

Welcome to Autumn!

I love fall. I love autumn! It is my favorite season without a doubt. After living here in the heart of California, where it gets to be 110 degrees in the summer sometimes, fall has become a festive entrance into cooler luscious weather. The days grow milder (it was a mere 71 here yesterday and only 81 today) the leaves start to change, apples and pumpkins are everywhere and fall candles are for sale with scents like Gingerbread, Iced Cranberry, Cinnamon Spice. I love these scents and have already ordered mine!


I love that we don't have to use the A/C to function in the house. I love that we can walk outside without the fear of being fried by the sun. I love the snuggly time in the evening when the time changes and it gets dark earlier. I love saying goodbye to our iced tea maker and welcoming my teapot. Fall is delicious. Soups and warm breads, stews and chili with cornbread. I love fall!


What will you do in the coming months to celebrate this marvelous time of year? Does your state climate affect what you do to celebrate it? Where we live the seasons are not so drastic as in the northern states, but leaves change here, the weather is cooler, and the days shorten. Like I said, fall is delicious!


BelovedLamb said...

Autumn is always my favorite season! We are planning a trip to Boa Vista Apple Farm any day now! I can't wait!!


PreschoolersandPeace said...

I go to IKEA and eat Swedish meatballs with some very cool girls from TOS... :D

Anonymous said...

I love being able to throw an afghan over my lap, and wearing my warm fuzzy bathrobe over my jeans and shirt, and reading book after book on the couch, thankful that I'm in my cozy home and not out in the cold.



Loujane said...

Its the best season because we can go for long walks and take a flask of tea, pick blackberries and make pies and jam, collect leaves and pine cones, and go apple picking in the orchards. Cosy evenings in, with hot mugs of cocoa. I love it!

homeschoolamericana said...

Spring and Fall have been my favorites, with Winter in CA a new one on the list ;) I love the anticipation of seasonal change, the cooler mornings for walks, and I can finally wear my nice boots and longer pants and skirts to church lol.


Denise T