Friday, September 29, 2006

Ready to go...almost


We are heading out again this weekend--the only one this fall we have any active plans for save Thanksgiving. Why is it that all the events happen on one weekend? My dear friend is having a baby shower and I will have to miss it. She is going back to her mission work in Mexico afterwards so I will not see her for some time.


So why do I have cinnamon rolls to the right? Well, I was commissioned to make them for the family for the weekend and this is the before-cooked picture.  I am currently enduring the after-cooked-scent of cinnamon rolls I may not eat for at least 24 hours. Sigh. I love fresh yeast bready rolls and am hungry to boot.


We are readying ourselves to leave for a weekend of swimming, eating, boating, and great fellowship with my family and I have a lot of laundry yet to fold as well as bags to pack. Here I am just killing time here on the blog. How smart of me! (Grin!) It does not seem a very fallish trip, but here in CA the weather is still very much in the 80's and the truly cool weather has not hit us yet. Soon though! This will be our last "summerish" event.


I hope you have a lovely weekend and may you enjoy the beginning of the best time of year - FALL! 


Corin said...

Those look soooooooo good!

We have nasty colds here and I'm SERIOUSLY craving comfort foods right now! LOL

Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for being such a darling, sweet, wonderful friend!

I hope you all have a super-fun time this weekend!


Jo's Boys :)

mamma1420 said...

You deserve it Kate!



Marie said...

Why don't you just eat one? Did you have to bring an exact certain amount or something?

I'd eat one!

Vicki Keeping Head Above Water said...

I seen you visited my blog. Thanks! Please come back again sometime. I love feedback.

Your fall weather activites are different but the food is just the same. I'm afraid I wouldn't be much help in keeping you from Cinnamon Rolls. Sounds like something good to make this weekend.

HeidiHomeschools said...

I hope you had a nice time away visiting your family. I bet it was killing you not eating those cinnamon rolls~ even uncooked they looked pretty tempting to me! LOL

We are going away this coming weekend~ spending a long weekend in Williamsburg, VA. It will be nice to get away.

mamma1420 said...

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Enjoy Your Blessings


guitarchick said...

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