Thursday, September 28, 2006

Important Reflections by Christine Miller

I was reading about the horrible story coming out of Colorado this morning and was so troubled. It is the kind of story that stays with you--especially if you have girls as I do. I went to Christine Miller's blog and found this:


Sowing the seeds of our own destruction


I am just so torn up over this tragedy which occurred in Bailey, Colorado yesterday. My son’s betrothed was from Bailey. It is a beautiful little town, small and close- knit; just an ideal place to raise a family. My theory is that the gunman picked on the school in Bailey because schools in larger cities have metal detectors, police on duty, and ID checks, but these little rural schools don’t have those kinds of things. Plus the police forces in small towns are small. I think he figured he could get in with a minimum of trouble and go out in some sick twisted blaze of glory. (...)


First we make sure that we erase all mention of God from every aspect of our culture, so that atheists and “freethinkers” are not made to feel uncomfortable being reminded that a holy and just God exists who has imposed a moral standard on human behavior. Then we basically nullify all public obscenity, profanity, and pornography laws because of a grossly mistaken interpretation of the first amendment, which has risen in sanctity -- in their minds -- far above any of the Ten Commandments.

(The rest of this important post is here.)


She is boldly speaking the truth from her blog. May our society be convicted of its grevious sin and seek the One truth that can redeem us from our folly.


May God be with those grieving families.

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