Thursday, September 14, 2006

German Homeschool Mom Arrested

Thank you, Christine Miller, for this information:

Katharina Plett is a homeschooling mom in Germany; she has been arrested for homeschooling the children. The father and children have fled to Austria. Apparently Germany does not have the equilvalent of a 4th amendment, “no warrentless search and seizure,” because that is how the German police got into her home. Hitler was the one who banned homeschooling in Germany; I did not know that Germany still has laws on the books which were enacted by Hitler.


We can do three things: Let us not forget to thank the Lord daily for the freedoms and rights we have in this country. Let us pray for the Plett family. And let us write a letter to the German embassy in Washington D.C. expressing our opinion about Germany’s treatment of Katharina Plett (be polite and respectful!):


Ambassador Klaus Scharioth
German Embassy
4645 Reservoir Road NW
Washington, DC, 20007-1998
(202) 298-4000


If every homeschooling family in America wrote one letter, showing how homeschooling has benefitted the children, the family, and our communities and country, we might go a long way to influence Germany to treat Mrs. Plett with clemency and change Germany’s antiquated homeschooling law.

It is disgusting to me to think that anything in Germany is still run with Hitler's laws. Let us lift this family in prayer and may God unite them again soon and make homeschooling legal in this nation.




Anonymous said...

Isn't that nuts? In France, the legal code is substantially the same as the one Napoleon set up.



spunkyhomeschool said...

Thanks for the addresss. That is a very good thing to do.

Mamma1420 said...

for our children as well! It makes me wonder what exactly are the German laws for homeschooling? I've got enough to read Kate! Thank you for highlighting this though, it needs to be!

Have a blessed day,


ps. Other than Answers from Genesis books have you read anything else? I have a book list posted now. Thank you for your patience with me.

Mamma1420 said...

I was using TheBookReviewer as a test site, the design went to www.homeschoolblogger.com/classicaleducator

I've also done:







Great Books Reading Partnership

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I think I'm forgetting one or two but I can't put my finger on it. Anyways I have to focus on my reading and homeschooling right now, I can't do the design too. Once I get started on a project - it's hard to stop and go to bed! LOL. I'll be testing at MammaDesigns from now on.



JenIG said...

could you even imagine? good golly, that would be so overwhelming