Monday, September 11, 2006

Army Sergeant 1st Class Randy D. Collins

Some Gave All

Husband, Father, Son, Soldier
Army Sergeant 1st Class Randy D. Collins

Died as a result of wounds sustained in Mosul, Iraq.  


Who was this man who died for freedom?  He was a father of two children, the husband to his wife, and the sixth of nine children.  A military man for 17 years he gave so much to his country--he gave all. He wanted to join the service from a young age and did just that. He was expected home for Christmas, 2005, but he never made it. “He won’t be back no more,” his mother, Margarette Miller, said between tears. “All his adult life he had been away in the service, and we’d be waiting for Christmas to come because he would be coming home.” He died May 24, 2005. He was 36.


I can do nothing to bring him back, but I can honor his service. Thank you, Army Sergeant 1st Class Randy D. Collins, for all you did for us. May God go with your family.

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SGT Maldonado said...

Thank you Bro

SFC Roache said...

Miss you very much friend