Saturday, August 19, 2006

New Year Ants

Do you ever just get antsy to get on to another thing? I don't necessarily mean a new curriculum, although I have been awfully guilty of that too. We have been studying American History for a while (all last year and part of the summer). It is our first time all the way though it and it has been wonderful thanks to Christine Miller's work. We have also read a lot of fantastic historical fiction and learned so much. We are entering the Civil War/War Between the States and have started reading out loud, Across Five Aprils, which is already intriguing to us--I can see why it won the Newbery Honor Book Award. We are jumping into this again because by golly, we *will* finish American History. 


However, I am starting to feel antsy again to get back to the Ancients! I cannot understand myself except to say that I am excited to start using Mystery of History, Volume 1. Now I never thought I would even do something like that because it just did not sound like me. That is until I ran into Maggie Hogan in Florida. Now that I understand how it works I am really excited to "get back there" again. There are so many great historical fiction books for that time too and the MOH has this really marvelous timeline thingy in it. Well, now you see what I mean when I say I am getting antsy!


We *are* really enjoying American History and I know that we will be sorry to end it. Even writing what we are reading now has me motivated again, but I think we are going to pick up the pace a bit. There is just so much history to cover in one lifetime! 


MrsIncredible said...

But I am on the opposite side of the spectrum- feeling stuck in ancient times, wanting to move on to American History! Just goes to show you, the grass is always greener ;)



My4LittleWomen said...

I get this way every year. I tell my friends that new curriculum burns a hole on your bookshelf! :)

Dana said...

We are in our first year with MOH. I really needed help lining up biblical/church world history. So let me know what you think as you go. For American - I have a binder going and we keep adding stuff (in chronological order) as we read and travel. I am itchy to do more - but stuck in ancients and staying there with MOH.