Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Movie Round-up and Small Funny of a Husbandish Nature

My husband just came up with a great term. Knowing, as he does, as any fine homeschool dad should, that "twaddle" is a known term for "foolish, trivial, idle talk or chatter" or in the world of books available for children, not-so-much like a great book. :+)


OK, so here is the funny (at least to me).  He called movies, like the current top-charter, Snakes on a Plane, Cinema Twaddle. Not that he has seen it, but that he imagines it would be. Now I really like that term and will use it for all future idiotic movies we will see here in our home. And, unfortunately, there will be some! LOL!

Not this week though. We have recently seen some very interesting titles. Sent to us via our Blockbuster.com (rival in full force with Netflix) or garnered from the brick and mortar, Blockbuster: Glory Road, Eight Below, Ladder 49Memoirs of a Geisha, and MiddlemarchMemoirs was a little rough to watch, but was a very interesting film. I am even a little hesitant to tell you all we watched it because some might think it was REALLY bad and it wasn't. Just super weird, and beautiful, and tragic, and godless. OK, well that sounds GREAT, doesn't it. Hmmm. Cinema Twaddle? No, not at all, but there are some difficult scenes and this is not a movie for children or sensitive adults or those not quick with the fast forward button on the remote. OK, I think I covered all of that. Cough, choke--what will y'all think? :+)


Glory Road was a great film. It really dealt with the whole issue of racism in sports in the 60's, and didn't gloss over it, but yet it was not the total sum of the movie. This is a basketball team movie, which I don't normally like (not being much of a sports gal, I am afraid), but I really did like this one. There are some serious scenes of racial hate that are present so if you show it to your children, either watch it first or show it to your older children who understand these issues as best as can be expected. I highly recommend it.


Ladder 49 was an intense movie about firemen and the life in the firehouse. It was a real tribute to what these men endure and what their families also endure. I was crying at the end for sure. It is a powerful thing firemen do and I am grateful. It is post-9-11, and in the special features it talks a bit about the respect firemen have received since then. It is just too bad it took so many such a tragedy to see it. This movie is not for the faint of heart and has some difficult images.


Eight Below was a sweet family film with a very light romance. For those who love the snow, love dogs, love the bottom of the world, you will love this movie. There are some animal deaths in it so be prepared to comfort your smallish people. We had one who was very very sad, but the ending was happy so that made up for it all. The filming was beautiful and the dogs were superb actors--better than the humans. :+)


Middlemarch is one of those glorious mini-series that last and last. It was something like five or six hours. Having made my way through the book of the same name I invested some of my hard-earned money and bought it, sight-unseen. I never do that, but how can a clean period piece be bad, right? Well, it was a good gamble. The acting was good, the costumes were good, the characters were as well fleshed-out as one can expect in a series of that nature.  Some better and more thoroughly than others I will admit, but on the whole a very enjoyable adaptation to George Eliot's book. I highly recommend it.


As you already know I am awaiting Bleak House, but the first disk has a "Long Wait" according to Blockbuster. The second and third do not. Can someone explain that to me?


So there you go, our movie round-up. With Blockbuster.com they just keep coming in. It is kind of like a never-ending flood of Cinema Twaddle OR Cinema Grandeur.  We really do enjoy movies here, can you tell?


Anonymous said...

I read Memoirs of a Geisha and really enjoyed it. It is not a Christian book. But it is a fascinating and I guess realistic look at a culture totally foreign to our own. Of course universal truths are in there, and it provoked me to think about the gospel quite a bit.

UndertheSky said...

Yes, I understand what you are saying. It is a tough story, and there are some things that happen that are terribly difficult. I was so hesitant to post a review of it, even remotely, because there are some very sensitive things in it. It is a completely different cultural mindset and that needs to be understood while watching it. It is not a film for everyone. Thanks for your comments!



Dana said...

I am with you on Memoirs. I waited and my Mom and I watched it together on DVD. Safer. The bonus features gave a bunch of history and were very interesting. We both walked away with heavy hearts.

So glad to know about Middle March. And soon Bleak House - if they can locate the first one:).

MrsDarling said...

I loved Memoirs of a Geisha. I had read the book prior to seeing the movie. The book is even better. After seeing the movie i went around in a daze for a sevral days. It's such a sad gripping story!