Thursday, August 10, 2006

Help Wanted

UPDATE: Thank you all for contacting me! I have received more than I can handle at this point so I am going to close the open positions now. Thank you!!


Hello my fine fellow blog readers. I am doing something rather unusual here so I hope you bear with me!


As some of you know I work with The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine as the Product Reviews Manager. We receive a lot of different products, books, curriculum, toys, games, etc. on a regular basis from all sorts of companies and I have a group of fellow homeschool families that test and review the items when they come in. Then one of the parents writes the review and sends it to me. You get to keep anything you review.


What I am looking for are a few new families, with a parent that can write a balanced review, that are willing to work with us. If you are interested, please email me at underthesky@gmail.com and I will send you more information. :+) There isn't much--just some information that explains the procedure, time frame, requirements, etc. I will also ask, after you read what I have to send you, to write a sample review for us of one of your own products based upon our instructions. If this sample is accepted you will be notified and added to our group of reviewers.


I hope to hear from you!




PS: Oh, and in case you are wondering just why I have not blogged in a while, my home life as well as my job have taken up too much of my time! I hope to be back blogging soon.


deedeeuk said...

I would LOVE to do this, but does living in the UK make it kinda impossible? Will you ship products this far for a review? I understand if not - just thought it was worth checking! Maybe I could review products for companies that ship to the UK or are trying to enlarge there overseas business? Just an idea!

frogiggie89 said...

No Ma'am-- I'm not the chicken girl. If anyone's staying home when we head for Californey, Ryann will. But we are planning on making the Suarezes take care of 'em. I cannot wait to see you guys!

UndertheSky said...

Unfortunately it is cost prohibitive to have reviewers from out of the US review so the answer to that is no, unless they wish to review online only items or e-books, or things of that nature.

Thank you!