Saturday, August 26, 2006


I have added some Favorite Resources and some of Our Family's Favorite Reads on the right in the sidebar. I will add things there on occasion, but I had some fun putting that together this morning and thought I would share. What are your family's favorite reading books? What do you feel is worth your time and money or something you would buy again?


Have a lovely weekend!


Anonymous said...


It's me. Here. This morning. Like always. Leaving you a note to tell you hi!! And thank you for the lists!! I hope that they'll help. And that is all... just stopping by and commenting to show that I'm stopping by and saying Good Morning! Because I'm here. Reading your blog. Every morning. Like clockwork....


~Jo's Boys

Dana said...

I wrote many of those books on the "to read list".

For the olders we are reading The Bronze Bow

and for the youngers we are reading the Paddington Bear Collection (because I loved him when I was little).

We just finished Teddy's Button from Lamplighter Publishing - great book!

Anonymous said...

So many to list, but I don' t want to monopolize the comments.

Currently I am reading "Ramona the Pest" by Beverly Cleary to my almost-Kindergartner. I read that aloud to each child during kindergarten. It is priceless.

The rest of us are in the middle of "To Kill A Mockingbird." Fantastic.

Anonymous said...

That was me above. I have to remember to circumvent the anonymous thing. I am like Ramona in her Halloween costume; it makes me anxious when nobody knows who I am!

Marie (www.thingswesaid.blogspot.com)