Saturday, July 15, 2006

Who has control of your children's health?

Spunky shared this story on her blog recently and this kind of thing makes my blood boil. Some doctor with a god complex felt he knew better than the family and the 16 year old young man that was being treated for cancer. This young man had already gone through chemotherapy once and did not want to do it again and wanted to try natural means. His parents were supporting him in his natural treatments and why should they not!?  Now they stand to lose custody of him because this doctor involved child protective services!


I am outraged that any doctor felt it was his place to possibly ruin the lives of those who seek treatment outside the "normal" RX view of "health care" because the family chose to treat in a different manner. It is absolutely disgusting to me that any court could threaten my choices for my children. These are the potential consequences for this family--and for your own.

"What it boils down to is does the American family have the right to decide on the health of their child or is the government allowed to come in and determine that themselves and threaten one way or the other to split our family up?" Jay Cherrix said Tuesday night.


Barry Taylor, the family's attorney, said the case had major ramifications not only in Virginia, but across the nation, when it comes to parents' rights to determine what is best for their children.


"I don't think any family in the commonwealth would be comfortable with the fact that a social worker with no medical training could make a medical decision for their child," Taylor said. "It's an assault on the American family."

It is possible to donate to help this family here. The site is still under construction, but they can certainly use our prayers. May God bring victory for families in this case. I can only imagine what *I* would be feeling if my choice of health care for my child was called into question--or worse--that my custody was threatened because of it!


cyndiegirl72 said...

I posted about this just this very morning. Thank you so much for doing such a great job on you post. I am trying to spread the word with my friends list and get as many people praying as possible. I am so glad someone else knows about it. I already got 4 praying folks and me. I know they need it. I would love to see his cancer go away and tell the state to butt out. I will direct all my friends to you. Thank you again.

spunkyhomeschool said...

Glad to see this getting around a little bit. The story made CNN as well. I pray for this young man and his family. This is a homeschool family who loves their son. If this is allowed to stand what else will the state consider "neglect" immunizations?

Anonymous said...

It is a hard subject to consider - when should the government intervene?

JWs don't believe in blood transfusions. Should their child be in an accident and be at risk of death for want of blood, they won't allow it, and the child dies. Should the state intervene in that case?

Or a child from Christian Science parents, with a bad but treatable disease; they won't allow any medical treatment. Such children routinely die from cancer and other such things when treatment would have greatly increased their chance of living. What should we do?

I know the case you've cited is different, and I think as long as the 16 year old wants alternative treatment he should get it. But what if he wanted conventional and his parents wanted alternative, or vice versa? I am not sure.

I guess it goes to authority, which is biblically the parents'. Then again in the case of severe neglect or abuse I do believe the state should intervene.

Tough questions. I don't have the answers.

Moms4Psalms said...

This is outrageous. Thanks for posting it.

I am home from the Veritas Teacher Training Conference. It was impressive and powerful! I am still trying to process it all. I hope to post bits as I am able.