Sunday, July 23, 2006

What you do when the weather service says...

...Widespread Record-Breaking Heatwave Continues...

"One of the most severe heat outbreaks in recent California history has enveloped much of northern California and numerous temperature records were broken today. Making this heat wave more severe than most is the monsoonal moisture that has raised dewpoints across the region well above normal levels. This raises the relative humidity and makes it feel more oppressive than the actual temperature."

NO KIDDING! These weather folks are pulling NO punches! Brother and sister, it is HOT!

This is what our family did to keep cool in the record 110 degree heat here in the heart of California. Prepare for a lot of pictures! :+)

The cast of characters that are our family set out in our trusty Voyager on the way to visit my Aunt Nancy and Uncle Pat. They have a lovely home...

on the Delta. We usually camp in the grass in our tent, but this time we had the use of the spare bedroom as we were the only guests. It was a good thing too because our tent would have been a sauna at night. We were so thankful for the A/C!


Shortly after our arrival at around 6:00 pm, we jumped in our suits and headed to the water's edge. The following is the view from the dock back up onto the levy.

We were not on the dock long when the ladies of the river headed out with their uncle to the wide water. This is the before picture:

This is the after:

And what was Mark doing during the lady water frolic? He was guiding John and Elizabeth into the real life world of the jet ski. I think he topped out at 57 mph.

This is the up-close "spiderman" shot. I think they look like they are having a lot of fun, don't you?

Mommy got onto the inflatable with Hannah, but there will be no pictures of that, I am happy to say. :+) During the rides, I was clicking away and I was able to capture the best picture of Emma we have ever taken:

My windblown baby who is three months shy of being four! Time marches on.


As stated above, our kind and generous hosts were, Uncle Pat, livin' the dream in the Rubicon (explained below):

and Aunt Nancy with Hannah:

They are the ones who treat us to all sorts of water sports and even an occasional golf cart or lawn tractor ride. I tell you, it is a Disneyland that Disney cannot even recreate. We always have SO much fun!


The next morning, the girls were up long before their mama, and headed out, in their jammies, to pick blackberries with Nancy:

You cannot tell from this photo, but there are huge mounds of bushes. It was not even 9:00 am when they had to come in due to heat! The water sports started early as we knew we were heading into 110 weather again and wanted to ward off the heat as best we could. Sunblock covered, we headed to the dock. John and Elizabeth were heading out to sea (tied to the dock). :+)

Hannah and Abigail were swimming in the swift current (hence the need for life vests at almost all times):

And Elizabeth and John were having a ball in the water:

Can you tell? :+)


...and Emma was being a rockstar:

This is her personality almost exactly. :+)


Then the jumping started off the very high (anywhere from 10-13 feet up) jumping board. (Click to enlarge the images for a great view of some amazing jumps and Hannah's spectacular dive.)

(Elizabeth, age 5, going wild!)

(Hannah, age 11, absolutely nuts!)

(The Dancing Fairies)


Why jump when you can run on air?

John is beating the heat with Daddy:

And what was Emma doing during all this jumping, belly flopping (and there was plenty of wailing going on when that happened), flipping, and diving? She was swimming in the (named by her) River Diver. In the following picture she was telling me how much she was swimming as she crossed the wide water. We said she was crossing her Rubicon, and so she was. :+)

Hannah and Abigail towards the end of the day:

and playful Elizabeth:


This mama knows she is so blessed that I just had to share our blessings with you all. Isn't God good to give us children? And isn't He good to give us family with a river? :+) And isn't He good to give us that Nice Cold Water? :+)




Oh my WORD you are going to make me CRY. I miss you guys SO MUCH. All of you. The saddest part of moving from Calif are the friends we have left behind. LOVE YOU.

cyndiegirl72 said...

Wow what a day y'all had. Those pictures are priceless. I am such a photo buff. You have some real stunners there. Your kids are soo cute. Glad you had such a great time with your family. Days like that are the ones that they tell the grandkids about. I think they start out with "when I was a little ......" a real memory maker.

GogoMama said...

Beautiful family! And smart thinking. We're baking. Called Home Depot today, "Hello and thank you for calling Home Depot. We're all out of air conditioners. Can I still help you?" LOL.

UndertheSky said...


That is SO funny. I love it!

Thank you, ladies, for your kind words. :+)


Anonymous said...

I've been out that way. How glorious!

Anonymous said...

What FABULOUS pictures!! They are just glorious!!!!!!!!!!! You are doing such a wonderful job raising my sweet daughters-in-law. :) They are just so beautiful! Just like their Mamma!!!!

Those pictures are just to die for! You did such a great job!!

But there aren't any of you.....

~Jo's Boys

Corin said...

Oh how fun! Looks like you all had a great time!

I am soooooooo thankful that Rob bought a central heat and air system a few months ago! We it 117 degrees 2 days in a row in our part of town!

JenIG said...

this post almost made me cry! i miss you and your sweet family. your kids are all so much bigger, and beautiful Hannah looks JUST LIKE YOU.

frogiggie89 said...

What fantastical pictures-- *especially* the one of Emma! What a cutie! I miss you guys to pieces!


frogiggie89 said...

PS-- did you guys get a digital camera? If so, keep the pictures rolling!

HeartnSoul said...

What a beautiful family you have! What a blessing to have so much fun and joy. I think the high in Palm Springs was a record 120 or so last Friday, the day we came back from a trip to see the Grand Canyon in AZ and ran out of gas, whew! Thank God for A/C and the money to pay for it.

Thanks for posting about the Story Starters too! I'll have to look into that one. We do alot of writing but sometimes the ideas aren't there and so the kids do get abit frustrated. Do you have a CM-ish schedule written out on your blog? What does one do for nature and outside time in the summer in the desert? We can't drive very far on our budget. I don't think designer golf course landscaping was Charlotte's idea of nature lol. We did do some nice hiking in AZ, that was a treat in the early morning hours.


Denise T

Anonymous said...

Um, okay, that was me...didn't want to freak you out, lol.


Copperswife said...

Your children are beautiful, and your husband hasn't aged a bit. Honestly, Mark, dude, you haven't changed a bit!! The little girls look so much like I remember Hannah and Abigail in my mind, and Hannah is the spittin' image of her lovely mama!!!!

So WONDERFUL to see you again at VHE and catch up a bit!

Moms4Psalms said...

Thanks for posting the pictures. You have a LOVELY family! And it all looks like so much fun!


Mariel said...

Boy, that was fun! Hey, Mommy, did you see all those comments saying I look like you? I love looking like you! And whew! was it hot! Thank God, for Air Conditioning!( Oh, Mrs. Suarez, don't cry PLEASE! You're just gonna make me cry thinking of you guys!) And Mommy, that comment was by GogoMama was sooo funny!(Quote from "The King and I", "I was forced to laugh myself, I was SO funny!" Thanks for watching that with us Mama, it was really special...)

I love you!