Thursday, July 06, 2006

Fun for my local readers!


If you have children who just love ponies then I have a really fantastic company for you to know about. Pony Up Pony Parties is local and has some of the nicest and well-trained ponies to ride that our children have ever experienced. (Chex is on the left here.) These are not barn-sour animals, but are well-loved and properly cared for animals. (Even PETA would approve!) :+)


When I was young I had a tough experience with some very barn-sour horses that left me with quite a fear of them. These animals are in NO way like this and my fear of them is now completely gone. I am grateful for the care they receive because they really are lovely animals.


Not only are the ponies nice, but the people (some very dear friends of ours) are super too! This family-run business is a pleasure to share with you.   I don't know anyone who loves her ponies and horses the way she does. Chex is one of many to choose from and one of our family favorites is their larger pony, Phantom.


Anyway, the rates are very good and I just thought I would put in a plug for some serious fun for your children. Our children think so! www.ponyupfun.com!

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