Thursday, June 29, 2006

Stopping time to say...

This is a post specifically for two of the most amazing and wonderful people who have made their marriage work for twenty years. I feel that they should be commended for all the hard work, love, perseverance, grace, and amazing closeness a committed marriage brings. So with much love, a hearty dose of honor, thanksgiving to the One who kept you together and forged your unbreakable bond, I wish you a wonderful and happy

20 Year Anniversary


John and Diane



May you be blessed with many many more!


Anonymous said...

You are too sweet, Kate. THANKS.

We're having a blast in Wheeler, OR -- I feel famous with all the Wheeler signs around town. This is OUR town (-:

And, the hotel has WI-FI. My days of contented dial-up use are OVER.

Love you, and see you at Borders after the 10th,


kateyz said...

I saw your blog for the first time today, I enjoyed it a lot. What a great friend you are to honor your friends on their anniversary like you did!