Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Mind Mints

It has been some time since I have written anything about what we are reading or what we have recently read. This is a reading home--we eat up books here with great pleasure. My girls read far more than I do (which brings me great pleasure!)


I am currently reading Created to be His Help Meet. Yep, you read that right. I am reading it to see for myself what this book is all about. I have made statements without having read the book and that is just plain foolish on my part. So, I am in the process of remedying that. Thus far, three chapters into it, I am enjoying it quite a bit. More to come on that...


In our study of America's history, we are currently trotting along with The Captain's Dog. We are journeying with Meriweather Lewis of Lewis and Clark fame from the perspective of his dog. It is really an interesting vantage point! My children are enjoying it too.


226967: The Captain's Dog: My Journey with the Lewis and Clark TribeThe Captain's Dog: My Journey with the Lewis and Clark Tribe
By Roland Smith / Harcourt Brace


My children are also reading interesting things. My first child is reading something I had not thought to see her read for some time, but I am thrilled she is reading. C.S. Lewis', Mere Christianity. I hope it provokes some great conversations!


2926X: Mere ChristianityMere Christianity
By C.S. Lewis / Zondervan Corp.


My second daughter is reading Brian Jacques', The Bellmaker. Mr. Jacques knows how to spin quite a tale and she has discovered that not only can she read his books, but that she enjoys them too! I love that. She tells me how many chapters she has left and I am so thrilled that she enjoys reading so much. This from the girl that once told me, "I hate reading!" :+)


My son is now reading The Boxcar Children, by Gertrude Chandler Warner. Her books have a slight mystery, involve four sibling children that are kind to each other, and are just at the level my son can read. I am so proud of him for doing it! It is a little slow-going, but he is getting through it. What a boy! I just purchased for him a few other early chapter books that are boyish in nature that he was highly excited to receive. They included the Brave Kids: True Stories from America's Past book, Robert Henry Hendershot, Snowshoe Thompson (since we are, after all, in the gold country ourselves),  and Buffalo Bill and the Pony Express. What a thing to be a boy. :+)


I just finished reading one of the most interesting and frustrating books I have ever read, The Mill on the Floss, by George Eliot. It was a tragedy which I did not know and do not like thus my frustration. I love Victorian novels though so in that sense it was quite satisfying, but oh, the tragedy of it all! If you like tragedies and like the romantic Victorian writers you will really like it. If you don't like either then don't bother. I was SO sad that I had spent so much time on poor Maggie only to have--well, you will just have to see for yourself!


426807: The Mill on the FlossThe Mill on the Floss
By George Eliot / Dover Publications


Sitting in my armoire, just waiting for me are the following two books...


834010: Bleak HouseBleak House
By Charles Dickens, Stephen Gill / Oxford University Press

04088: The Excellent WifeThe Excellent Wife
By Martha Peace / Focus Publishing Incorporated


I am really looking forward to Bleak House. Dickens is just brilliant and I have not read one of his works for a long time. I figure one Classic then one smack-me-upside-the-head kind of book. I am truly just being facetious, but I imagine by the time I am done with the one I am reading and The Excellent Wife that I truly should be just about the most perfect wife Mark could ever ask for!


Anonymous said...

I also liked the first few chapters of Created to be His Help Meet. In fact, I liked *most* of the chapters in CTBHHM. It was the one or two other chapters in the middle that ruined the whole stupid thing for me.

And you really must do whatever needs to be done to get me to like Dickens. 'Cause I just don't get the whole Dickens thing.

The Excellent Wife is a wonderful book, if I remember correctly. I don't recall anything but liking it.

~Jo's Boys

Anonymous said...

Sorry, that was me. I'm not used to being so anonymous :-).




We met Roland Smith last month. I blogged about him a couple times (May 8th and 16th).

Come on over and vote in my summer homeschooling poll.

Blessings on your day,


Anonymous said...

I love the book reviews and will reference them in the future - the book about Lewis and Clark's dog sounds like a good read aloud after we finish To Kill A Mockingbird. We read Dickens for the first time this year: David Copperfield. I look forward to reading another work of his soon.