Tuesday, June 27, 2006

"This is you when you were green."

Don't you love smallish people and their funny phrases? I do. That little gem was said to my husband from our smallest daughter (on the right) as she pointed to a circle face colored solid green on paper. I mean those funny things are just priceless. She also calls "ice cream" "ahhhss cream" like she is opening her mouth for the dentist, "Say, ahhh." It is so precious to us. I know it will disappear, as it has for the older ones, but I am really enjoying it while we have it.


For the longest time she called her sister, Elizabeth, "Wibbis." It has become Wib's official nickname. Three is a brilliant age. It is like a reward for the other harder years. Age one to age two were always very hard for me. Not because they were naughty, but because they were so ignorant of danger and capable of hurting themselves. It is my "trying year." Then from two to three, while not being "terrible two," they are still working out how things go and feeling out their place in the family. But three means awareness of themselves, sharper personality, funny phrases, sweet snuggles from small people who think you are the best in the world--expecially when you bring them ahhhss cream. :+) It really is a wonderful time and I will miss it when it is gone.


The weather here has been unusually warm. That would be called a giant understatement. It has been 105-110 and that, ladies and gentlemen, is HOT for central California. I am SO THANKFUL for my air conditioning! We went to our Writer's Club yesterday and shared stories. I will have to post them here when the finishing touches have been added. I am SO proud of my girls! After stories the children went swimming. The other two moms did not, and I will tell you that it was a serious sacrifice to sit under the umbrella instead of swim! Yes, I know I *could* have, but we did have really great conversation which I would have missed, you know. :+) And this is coming from someone who absolutely HATES to put on a swimsuit! So, that tells you just how very warm it has been here.


Well, I had better get back to real life. We are in the process of moving things around in the office so the floor is in a state of upheaval. Chat with you later!


Anonymous said...

WOW that's HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For the first (and last!) time ever, I think my weather is better than yours!!!

Now, THAT'S a big deal!!

~Jo's Boys :)

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with you about three year olds. Ages 1-2 are a state of constant anxiety with me.

We have incorporated many three year old phrases in our family vocabulary. Today we had talked about taking a child out of the pool because they were "sugaring" (shivering).

(Monika at www.thingswesaid.blogspot.com)

esperanzavallero said...

It has been fun to see all the cute things Emmett does, I think usually at this point I was busy with a new baby and missed some of it, or maybe I just didn't write it down. I especially like when he says "shoe" when asked if he'd like to do something, this is his version of sure. I am glad I will have at least one more to watch go through this, although wondering how in the world I am going to get them all educated, if I could just rule myself, perhaps I could guide them a little better.

I suppose this isn't the place for all this musing though.

Miss you,


mamatc said...

Yes, those days do go by too quickly. My Lovebug is turning 13 in but a few weeks and I try and tell her to stop! What I like to do is sit with her and tell her about as many things that I can remember her doing or saying when she was little. She just loves to hear the stories and we have a great time bonding. I wish there were more children but so far it's just her and I. It's probably a good thing, b/c then I can devote more time to her.


Traci :)

frogiggie89 said...

*crying my eyes out*

I totally miss you guys! And these pictures of Emma and Elizabeth....*sniff*

chickadee said...

i know what you mean about those adorable 3's. just when you start to really enjoy them, they go and grow up on you.