Thursday, May 25, 2006

What a DAY!

When one is up early (courtesy of my room mate, thank-you-very-much), showered and in heels early until 9:30 PM, yes, PM, makes one's feet wonder what in the WORLD I was doing all day in such a get-up! Heels are NOT the best choice for the vendor hall, but a gal sometimes has to suffer for her fashion. At least that is what I am telling myself. It is better than sitting next to French men. :)


Well, we met Maggie the Hogan today and she is one delightful woman. I mean warm, sweet, hug-you-right-away kind of friendly. It is wonderful to be welcomed in that way by a person I have only met through email! We chatted it up with another delightful man, Steve Clark of VideoText. One might think that a engineer type of fellow might not have the funniest stories (you know, like hey, Kate, did I tell you the one about the Geometry proof?) Well, no such thing with this math wizard. He is truly a humble, funny, kind, and incredibly intelligent man--with a really great product too! :)


The kind and generous Andrew Pudewa is here, and John Holt--both very nice men and then there is Carol Barnier.  She is SO funny; so clever, and really ministers to your heart! We got to hear her speak at the Leadership Tea and she really did speak to the hearts of these support group leaders--and to Jen and I too. What a warm and gracious woman.


I am surprised by the number of newer products as well as some newer companies being featured here. More on that in weeks to come when I get to take a closer look. I also got to meet, (and was greeted with another warm hug!) Katie from The Corps of Re-Discovery. They are by far, hands down, one of my favorite companies, period. They are creating new products too and what they have here is SO much fun!


OK, it is getting late, my dogs are T.I.R.E.D. and we have a long long long day tomorrow. Thanks for all your prayers for our safety while flying in--they meant a lot and I appreciated it!!


Anonymous said...

You crazy Fashion Queen. Dump those heels for survival sake (-: I am so glad you're having fun. Can't wait for the next update.



Moms4Psalms said...

Aren't you having a blast? Thanks for keeping us (all of us homeschoolbloggers who were not able to go) up on the convention.