Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Well, we're here!

Wow! What a day of flight and travel! I have visited, in the span of one day, Sacramento, Salt Lake City, Atlanta, and now I am in Orlando! I have crossed the continent in a few short hours that took the pioneers months and months. Flying is a wild ride and my flights were no exception. You never know who will be your seatmate and I had several interesting ones from a Frenchman who cleaned his armpits in front of me with alcohol wipes (no, I could not make this stuff up) to my other seatmate who almost fell asleep snoring on my shoulder. Flying is quite the adventure!


I was able to do all the housework yesterday, and loads and loads of laundry, and cleaning, and packing, etc. By the end of the day all was ready, I was exhausted and tired and then I could not sleep for excitement! Soooo, I have not slept since last night and here I am at the Gaylord Palms at the FPEA Convention with Jen Ig! We are beyond tired and watching the late news as I type and enjoying spending some great mom time together. Tomorrow is the blast off date! We look forward to participating in the Leaders Forum with a lovely lunch and ladies tea.


We will both be blogging from this amazing convention and hope to share some great pictures with you. That will depend on the uploading capabilities here, but regardless, we will be sharing it all with you! With 170 vendors, and 12,000 people, there will be a LOT going on!


Now, I have to get to sleep or tomorrow will be a wash! :+)


ClagettsFLStyle said...

Hope your having a great time. I linked to your blog from Jen Ig. I live here in FL and this will be my first convention! I'm so excited. Don't know if I'm more excited to check out all the cool school stuff, listen to great speakers, or just be able to sit quietly by a pool and sip coffee by myslef...ummmmmmm... yea.. I pick the last one ;-).

Hope to meet you there. I think the TOS and HSB booth will be my first stop. I need to get one of those t-shrits ;-). Enjoy the time there!!

thewestiecrew said...

Ewww, Kate...the frenchman thing was over the top-lol!

I hope that the pair of you have a fabulous time and that you are able to get some rest.

Gayle :)

Anonymous said...

Okay, the French armpit cleaner is causing me to laugh hysterically....my children were imagining what your facial expression was....we are all rolling around in laughter.



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